Inter - Monza (19 Aug 23) [2-0]


Mar 9, 2004
10 years of FIF
I finished watching a full replay of the Monza game this morning. Alot of our build up play last season felt slow and cumbersome but I noticed that with Thuram starting upfront, we seemed to play quicker and more direct on the break. Maybe that also has something to do with Brozovic's departure and the fact that we are making fewer short passes in midfield.

I thought Sommer, despite not having much to do during the game was not very commanding when he was called into action. There was a cross along the ground in our box on the six yard line that which he failed to claim. I think we created alot of chances but were quite wasteful. DiMarco played well but I am not sure how many shots he needs to take before he gets a shot on goal and tests the keeper. The same can be said for Barella.

Bissek is a giant of a player but the standard of his play is less imposing than his stature. When he came on, he was a threat from corners in Monza's penalty box but his defending was not very decisive. I acknowledge that he only came on towards the end of the game and that he is probably finding his feet but there was a moment when his opponent was taking him on but he stood off and waited, almost inviting his opponent into the box.

Another player that needs to be mentioned is Dumfries. Personally, I think he is seriously limited and as much as it pains me to say it, I look forward to the day when Cuadardo makes the position his own because Dumfries is not convincing and the fact that he cannot deliver an accurate pass in the last third of the pitch is embarrassing.

Overall, I think it was a good performance and I hope we put Cagliari to the sword in the same manner.
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