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    Video Games

    Destiny Beta was fun. Wish it could have lasted a little bit longer though. Other than that, my PS4 has been used to watch a movie here and there on Netflix. Not much more.
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    German Bundesliga 2014/2015

    I think what the Germans achieved with their national team is in direct correlation to the improvement of their league. Watching Bundesliga football a decade ago was horrendous and tedious. But now, with the new aggressive, purposeful and physical nature of the game, the Bundesliga has...
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    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    So if Schneiderlin is going to the Spurs, is the purported Khedira deal to Arsenal fixed?
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    So I have been gone since September 2011

    Hello everyone (those who remember me and care to do so, and those of you who are new). It has been a while. I am not even sure whether any of you recall me. Much has happened since I last set my meager feet upon the annals of this mighty abode. Actually quite alot. Besides having enjoyed the...
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    Claudio Ranieri

    I have a feeling Ranieri will motivate the team and give it a good round, but my the end of the season, or 2nd season he is in charge midway through he will lose grip and get fired. That is the typical, good old Ranieri
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    PES or FIFA series?

    I will never return to any FIFA game. The last great FIFA game was FIFA 99. Been a loyal Pro Evo player since Winning Eleven 6.
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    Bologna - Inter (24 Sep 11)

    Why do I have the feeling that Muntari, even when receiving the highest graces will somehow end up screwing things over.
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    Protests in Spain

    It's because Syria has the Muslim problem.
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    Gian Piero Gasperini

    Gasperini, hmm. I think there could have been better alternatives (record wise). But then again maybe Gasperini can revive the hunger of this squad. Who knows. Anyway, so I am on a hiatus and Leo quits and rumors are floating that Sneijder and Eto want to leave? Man, I knew I should have posted...
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    Inter Jerseys 2011/2012

    Well, if my memory serves me right, each year since 05 I have been getting e-mails from informing me that the new jersey is available for reservation and usually they accompany the pre-order e-mail ad with a picture of the actual jersey. If they do it again this year I will post it here.
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    2010/2011 Midfielders rumors thread

    Okay, if the money that fans like you contribute would be used to buy the new players then I will have not one single issue. But what you fail to see, and many others here is that Inter the club does not have the money. The money that fans spend for tickets to go to meazza, buy official...
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    2010/2011 Midfielders rumors thread

    When you say We, what exactly do you mean? How much money are you contributing to acquiring new players? I wonder if it was your own money how you would think about buying players. I hope Moratti does not go crazy. As some, reasonable and sound members have voiced, with the new regulations...
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    2010/2011 Midfielders rumors thread

    Those two playing together is a nightmare for many teams that will face them.
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    2010/2011 Midfielders rumors thread

    I totally agree with you. I, like you, feel that Montolivo will grow as a talent and player when at Inter. Having a line up of Sneijer, Montolovio, Motta, Cambiasso, Zanetti, Sanchez will be a very formidable force. Maybe, just maybe, Esteban Granero might make a move here too. I rate him highly.
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    2010/2011 Midfielders rumors thread

    Be prepared to barely seeing Robben play.