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  1. Cómi

    Stefan de Vrij

    Don't worry, we'll pay a golden handshake next winter
  2. Cómi

    Matteo Darmian

    Such a ridiculous bargain.
  3. Cómi

    Porto - Inter (14 Mar 23) [0-0]

    Abysmal attacking performance. No ideas for 90 minutes, some luck because Porto just didn't get their extra bit of luck. We're gonna get shut out in the next round.
  4. Cómi

    2022/2023 Defenders Rumours Thread

    I'm still hopeful that Satriano will come good. Hope without a base probably, I wonder what Inter youth will be next to play on the first team.
  5. Cómi

    Achraf Hakimi

    He invited the bitch to his house for pure, religious reason. Certainly!
  6. Cómi

    Simone Inzaghi

    Managers have been assessing Gagliardini every training period for like five years and keep seeing something we don't when he's on the pitch. Maybe the eye test in training doesn't translate one to one on game day.
  7. Cómi

    Projection to 86 points 22/23

    What's the projection now? 76 points?
  8. Cómi

    English Premier League 2022/2023

    Not like Arsenal have a CL trophy either...
  9. Cómi

    2022/2023 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Younger, hungrier, and probably cheaper to loan than Lukaku.
  10. Cómi

    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    Why do we insist on three at the back when we don't have really good wingbacks? Would like to see some experiments, maybe cover that wide weakness by stacking the midfield: Onana Darmian - Skriniar - Bastoni - Dimarco Barella - Brozovic - Calhanoglu Mikhitaryan Lukaku - Lautaro Too defensive...
  11. Cómi

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    The penalty should have applied to next season, it seems like a vulnerable move to do it mid-season.
  12. Cómi

    Achraf Hakimi

    Of course it's a troll post. Read bubba's post right above mine.
  13. Cómi

    Achraf Hakimi

    No he did not force her to come to his house so clearly if there was any subsequent rape it was justified.
  14. Cómi

    2022/2023 Defenders Rumours Thread

    Just switch to four at the back already.
  15. Cómi

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    I read that the evidence is based on Transfermarkt values, which seems a weak and imperfect source. What are the chances this actually sticks? It's almost like the prosecutor is putting together a shit case so that the case is overturned.
  16. Cómi

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    What a dismantling!
  17. Cómi

    Monza - Inter (7 Jan 23) [2-2]

    Holy shit, what the fuck was that
  18. Cómi

    Milan Škriniar

    Weird how everybody is intimate friends with Skriniar and can speak about his motivations.
  19. Cómi

    Final: France - Argentina

    Exactly. Athletes give up school for the sport, these sorts of reactions are totally on-brand.
  20. Cómi

    Roberto Gagliardini

    Ederson played a full 90 in the game versus Napoli. Seems to be deployed as a regista playing metronome passes like Brozovic. I don't think the rumor of the switch is likely to be true.