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  1. Visca

    Inter Jersey 2014/2015

    Oh okay, wasn't sure if it was an issue specific to a particular jersey or all across the board. Least I know it's not just me.
  2. Visca

    Inter Jersey 2014/2015

    Does anyone else have this season's third shirt? I just bought it since I had a birthday coupon, and was wondering if anyone else noticed if it's cut abnormally large? Ordered a small which I always do whenever I can't get a women's version of a jersey, and it feels more like a medium, at least...
  3. Visca

    Inter 2014 Summer Schedule

    Inter > Madrid :epicwin:
  4. Visca

    Club Teams' Jerseys

    Best Barca shirt in years, looks good even with the Qatar Airways crap.
  5. Visca


    They'd make a cute couple, they have my blessing.
  6. Visca

    Italian Serie A 2013/2014

    He already always looks high, now even more when he's drunk. :lol:
  7. Visca

    Inter 2013/2014 Preseason

    Don't have a problem with someone halfway across the world referring to the entire Bay Area as San Francisco. Even though I only lived in the actual city for two years, whenever someone from outside of California asks where I'm from, I always say San Francisco to avoid having to explain my real...
  8. Visca

    Spanish La Liga 2013/2014

  9. Visca

    Spanish La Liga 2013/2014

    Congrats bro.
  10. Visca

    Javier "Il Capitano" Zanetti

    What a legend, and what a classy send-off. Wish there were more players like Zanetti these days, football won't be the same.
  11. Visca

    International Champions Cup

    Might have to fly home for this. :D
  12. Visca

    Javier "Il Capitano" Zanetti

    Yup, it was his brother. Xavi probably wasn't allowed to go himself. Alan's probably shitting himself that Zanetti is holding that shirt. :trollol:
  13. Visca

    Italian Serie A 2013/2014

    They make you take the tops off bottles in Italy too, if they can see them. But they don't do a good enough job of searching in bags if someone tries to hide something.
  14. Visca

    Spanish La Liga 2013/2014

    I remember that commercial, madridistas got pissed off because of the way they were portrayed.
  15. Visca

    La Curva Nord

    I thought it was for the next two home matches, so Lazio and whatever the first home match of next season is.
  16. Visca

    Milan - Inter (4 May 14)

  17. Visca

    Mauro Icardi

    Fuck, she's cheating on Icardi with Eros Ramazzotti?
  18. Visca

    Milan - Inter (4 May 14)

    I think we agree completely. The overreaction about territorial discrimination in all honesty trivializes actual racism which is still a problem. People want to sing about Vesuvio or cholera, it's harmless banter. Besides, it's the hypocrisy about it that's even worse. There are also songs about...
  19. Visca

    Milan - Inter (4 May 14)

    Oh, I thought you meant in general you don't think there should be any jokes, insults or hate against rivals. Didn't realize you were only referring to those particular banners.
  20. Visca

    Formula 1

    I wasn't following F1 yet when he died, though I do remember the news breaking. I too think that he would have ended up with the most titles ever had he experienced a full-length career. Just read a story that Ferrari had been planning to try to sign him, they'd spoken four days before his death.