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  1. Alex de Large

    Denzel Dumfries

    We will end up doing Dumfries-Lukaku straight swap.
  2. Alex de Large

    Achraf Hakimi

    Yes but PSG is a gold prision, they will not let him leave unless he starts playing like shit... which will not be the case
  3. Alex de Large

    Achraf Hakimi

  4. Alex de Large

    Round of 16: Morocco - Spain

    tHIS FUcking Barça style is not working and is the reason why Spain lost. Also Ferran is only playing because he is the boyfriend of Luis Enrique daughter. What a fucking joke lol. And btw Busquets is fucking finished, we also took advantage of that in the 3-3 game.
  5. Alex de Large

    Achraf Hakimi

    Grande Hakimi. Hopefully they reach semis at least
  6. Alex de Large

    Lautaro Martinez

    This is perfect. All Inter players shit in WC except the one we want to sell. Too bad Gosens didn't play.
  7. Alex de Large

    Romelu Lukaku

    Oh man, this injury looks bad, he is not even starting in this crucial game for Belgium. But now it's clear for me that he didn't fake any injury with Inter, trying to reserve for Belgium nt.
  8. Alex de Large

    André Onana

    Cameroon coach had so much weed that he didn't know what was doing, and here you go, 3 goals against.
  9. Alex de Large

    2022 World Cup Qatar

    Everyone with Mexico tonight
  10. Alex de Large

    2022/2023 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Maybe De Paul is shit and can only play well at Udine. Cz in Atleti and Argentina NT he is crap.
  11. Alex de Large

    Group H

    How was Vecino, shit or half decent?
  12. Alex de Large

    Group C

    Fuck Argentina, glad they lost. Obviously only feel for Lautaro.
  13. Alex de Large

    Robin Gosens

    Should be sold for more than what cost us. otherwise is better if he stays. There are 3 teams in germany who want him
  14. Alex de Large

    Roberto Gagliardini

    Does he start at Monza?
  15. Alex de Large

    2022/2023 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Any of Musah or De Paul would be great. We need another Barella.
  16. Alex de Large

    Milan Škriniar

    That random country is in the (ShameQatar)WC?
  17. Alex de Large

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    juve are underachieving and milan/napoli overachieving. we are probably underachieving too
  18. Alex de Large

    2022/2023 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    4 players fighting for 3 spots is better for everyone