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  1. BlueBacchus

    So I have been gone since September 2011

    Hello everyone (those who remember me and care to do so, and those of you who are new). It has been a while. I am not even sure whether any of you recall me. Much has happened since I last set my meager feet upon the annals of this mighty abode. Actually quite alot. Besides having enjoyed the...
  2. BlueBacchus

    It's good to be back, REALLY!

    Wow over the past two weeks that I have come back from my long diaspora I have encountered so many new faces that now I feel like the new, and these new faces seem like the seasoned veterans. Well Helal asked me where I was and I think it is only fair to answer that question to all of you that...
  3. BlueBacchus

    Return of me

    Just wanted to announce I am back.
  4. BlueBacchus

    Headed to URLAUB!

    Yup I am taking a trip to Germany, again. Now with personal and work related matters resolved, I can with a clear conscience relax the reamining 4 weeks of my summer break in Germany, before school starts. P.S. Waleed, I have not forgotten. Expect something when I am back.
  5. BlueBacchus

    I'm back

    First and foremost let me just say: I MISSED YOU ALL AND FORZA INTER. I wish I could have returned sooner and made you folks worry less about me than you should have. I am fine as of now, but over the last few months certain issues arose that have led me through a tormentous journey, which...
  6. BlueBacchus

    My X-mas list to Pappa Inter :)

    Ok so here is the neat stuff that I want for x-mas that is related to Inter. 1)CL Inter shirt with the Number 5 and Stan's name 2) Inter scarf 3) Inter hooded sweater 4) Inter zip jacket 5) Inter cap What are yours?
  7. BlueBacchus

    Mods I request a username change

    Any of you Mods, can you please change my username. I want to change it from Facade19 to BlueBacchus. Thanks alot.
  8. BlueBacchus

    The death of my dearest her

    I feel like shit right now, my heart is bleeding :depress: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In words covered with tears I shed all my fears condolences everywhere while I am not there trying to understand this pain I lost something without...
  9. BlueBacchus

    The Report from my trip

    Ok and here is the long awaited reported of my trip. From the moment I stepped into the airplane this vaccation has been nothing but hell. As we took of from L.A.X., a thunder storm erupted over California, Nevada and Colorado. 30 minutes into the flight we flew right through the thunderstorm...
  10. BlueBacchus

    Hey all, I am back :)

    Hello all, this is Mo. Remeber me? LOL I just got back today, well tobe exact 2 hours ago, and I am dead beat. I traveled for the past 24 hours, literally 24 hours. I will write a more thorough report tomorrow, but I have to admit as of now, I don't want to go to Europe again. I had a very bad...
  11. BlueBacchus

    Gone on Monday for a month

    ok now it is official. On monday I am coming/going to Europe. Yup Germany here I come. First of all, my fellow members of this great forums, I am very sorry that during the last week I did not post as much as I have done previously. I had to work quite alot, and was also pre-occupied with other...
  12. BlueBacchus

    Interview with Katie

    1. Give us your real name. 2. How did you become an Inter fan? 3. How long have you been an Inter fan? 4. How was Greece? 5. When is your birthday? 6. How many siblings do you have? 7. Who is your favorite Inter player? 8. Which team do you hate more Bbilan or Gobbi? 9. Do you support any other...
  13. BlueBacchus

    Got in a fight with Gobbi fans

    I went with my friend from the neighborhood (who is a Milan fan btw :frustrat: ) to a local soccer pub. Even though I am under 21, they led me in because the owner is friends with my dad (persian connection :D ). So me and him were just discussing about future derbies, when we see 3 Gobbi fans...
  14. BlueBacchus

    Warhammer, any?

    Do any of you play Warhammer, or ever heard of it?
  15. BlueBacchus

    The perfect song for Gobbi by Gobbi fans for Gobbi

    Here, this song is by Tool. It is called Intolerance. Enjoy reading through it :) :fero: :fero: I don't want to be hostile. I don't want to be dismal. But I don't want to rot in an apathetic existance either. See I want to believe you, and I want to trust and I want to have faith to put...
  16. BlueBacchus

    Best Holding Midfielder

    In your opinion, who is currently the best holding midfielder in the world?
  17. BlueBacchus

    Favorite Bond Movie

    Ok what is your fav bond movie? Mine has to be "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". It is more of a love story, and you see that Bond is vunerable. Classic movie.
  18. BlueBacchus

    What would you do if Inter win the Scudetto?

    Ok after visiting the flamers section of our great Inter board, and noticing the one topic where Roma fans put a message out there in Brisbane, I decided I would do a little gesture of my own. Here is what I will do: Once Inter wins the Scuttedo next year, I will put a big Inter flag on a window...
  19. BlueBacchus

    Lazio Rome Kit

    My brother's b-day is coming up soon, and he is a huge Lazio fan. I wanted to get him a Lazio Jersey, and a scarf, as well as a poster. Now I know where to get the poster, but I searched all over the web for an authentic Lazio Jersey, and I cannot find one. Only copies, but i need an original...
  20. BlueBacchus

    Pro Evo Soccer 4/ Winning Eleven 8 starting 11

    Post your starting 11. ----------------------------Toldo------------------------------- J.Zanetti-------Cordoba-----------Matrix---------Jankulovski -----------------------------------Cambiasso------------------- -----------------Veron-------------------------------------------...