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  1. Inter Siamo Noi

    Technical problem

    Hey, Every time i try to move from the thread to the forum by clicking on the name on the forum upfront in the page, I face a pop-up saying "Are you sure you want to quit from this site? Your changes might not be saved" (Actually not this exact message, since I use the hebrew version of Chrome...
  2. Inter Siamo Noi

    Andrea Bandini

    Andrea Bandini February 16 1994, Wing Back. This season's primavera captain. At Inter since he was 8yo (!!!): His brother Simone player for our Allievi Nazionali, he's a defender too. They are definitely a nerazzurri family...
  3. Inter Siamo Noi

    Isaac Donkor

    Ghanaian defender (mainly cb, played as wb too for the Primavera), born on 15/08/95. Debuted today at age of only 17 and 3 months, I think he should be one of the youngest ever to debut for Inter.
  4. Inter Siamo Noi

    Summer 2011 Schedule

    I did'nt find a place for it, I hope it's ok I opend a new therad for that. Between 8-19 July we'll have a training camp in Pinzolo, we'll probably have some friendly games against local teams. In 30-31 July we'll play in The Dublin Supercup against Celtic and Man City. We'll probably have...
  5. Inter Siamo Noi

    Help for the Italian football's Israeli supporters There's a survey about which game the viewers want see on sunday 27/2, and there's 3 options: Roma-Parma, Frankfurt-Stuttgara and Man City-Fulham. So if you can, vote for Roma-Parma. Select the game and click...
  6. Inter Siamo Noi

    Houssine Kharja So he's at inter with a loan + option to buy him at the end of the season. Buona fortuna!
  7. Inter Siamo Noi

    Vote for our players!
  8. Inter Siamo Noi

    Primavera players at national teams

    I think we should open a thread for that since many of our primavera players called up for Italy U17, U19 and U21. Italy U21: Cristiano Biraghi, Davide Santon, Andrea Ranocchia and Mattia Destro. 8/10 - Belarus first game at Italy, 12/10 - Away match in Belarus. Italy U19: Lorenzo Crisetig...
  9. Inter Siamo Noi


    Hello, I will be in Cretes next month with my family and I want ask what I have to do there? Thank you!
  10. Inter Siamo Noi

    When will be the draw for Serie a matches?

    So... When? Thank you!
  11. Inter Siamo Noi

    "TIAMO" picture

    Always when I see that picture, I ask where is it? so... where is it? in the Appiano? in Milano? I'll be happy for adress of that place. Thank you!
  12. Inter Siamo Noi

    Our Future Stars

    If someone here do review on our Next Starts it's can to be good, even on only some players. I try: Goalkeepers: Belec - Slovenian, 90', Primavera. training with the first team. Di Gennaro - 93', good reflexes, play for the national team. he play for Alievi Nazionali. Ivusic - Croatian, 95'...
  13. Inter Siamo Noi

    Goalkeepers and Defenders

    Hello, I want to ask who our promise Goalkeepers and Defenders? I know Belec and Di-Gennaro are promise keepers and Caldirola and Donati are promise defenders. who except for them also promise? Thank you! :)