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    Quarter Final: Netherlands - Argentina

    I was sure DiMaria will take it, but it was given to Lautaro. Awesome confidence booster. Maybe he'll start vs Croatia , who knows. Probably not. Supersub role.
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    Quarter Final: Netherlands - Argentina

    I have a feeling these tall dutch strikers are not so good with pens.
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    Quarter Final: Netherlands - Argentina

    Yes you will. 100%
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    Quarter Final: Netherlands - Argentina

    VanGaal. Basketball level tall players in, 10mins extra time. Long ball tactic to the tall Dutch players. Drawing at the last kick of the game. WC semi spot on the line. I would say football heritage.
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    Quarter Final: Netherlands - Argentina

    Whoever progresses here.. This time Croatia are favorites. Defeating Brazil on pens, while suffering 120mins is a huge mental boost.
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    Quarter Final: Brazil - Croatia

    What a great gk this Livakovic is. Carried Croatia. Brazil yeah they were fast, buzzing, dribbling, all the world wanted Ney vs Messi, but if you concede 3min before ET then I have no sympathy for you. Ice cold pens. I love them in the middle and higher. Very hard for gk. There's some...
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    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Real Madrid's scouting is 100% hit these days. 70M€ for a teenager, but I'll bet this transfer value will be worth almost double in 2 years.
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    Beppe Marotta

    Rube rumours incoming with Rudy Galetti. They want him back. Imo we need Beppe to sail this ship until the chinese are gone.
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    Round of 16: Morocco - Spain

    Beautiful! Hate this 1050 passes , but 1 shot on goal football. Boring as watching paint dry. Have a nice flight home, espanyolas!
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    Round of 16: England - Senegal

    They havent bought him yet. Could get bought by City, Bayern or PSG easily too. France vs England it is. Maguire's maturity exam.
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    Round of 16: Argentina - Australia

    Messi will ask Denzel jersey when he sends argies home.
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    Denzel Dumfries

    This guy sent USA packing. Denzelllll.
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    Round of 16: Argentina - Australia

    All I know is that someone will surprise the world in this round. Australia, Senegal, Morocco or Japan. One 'big ' will fall.
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    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    " The last time Rube's full board resigned was in the summer of 2006..." Tick tock motherfuckers.
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    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    -260M€ record losses, damaging and humiliating court cases left and right, shitty transfer deals, shitty new coach with 9M€ net wages for 3 more years, struggling for CL qualifications, etc . Yeah, it was about time.