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    Edin Džeko

    How many big, proper teams have a late 30's ST that they a)have, b) rely on this much. That being said I haven't managed to see much matches these days but if we can give whackin correa the boot then keep him as a lower team option.
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    Euro 2024 Qualifiers

    Try playing Georgia for a decade straight
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    Simone Inzaghi

    Papers should have to provide proof. Feel like they can type any bs and fans get riled up
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    Mauro Icardi

    That'll end well
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    Lucien Agoumé

    I like how youngsters making mistakes at Inter is bloodshed as if he fucks up at Brest/some other shit team and gets relegated the fans will be fine with it like "fuck it we don't really mind we're not that good"
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    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    Step 1 get knocked out of Coppa as soon as possible I'd say. Watching the Supercup just now and the commentator said the group stage games of CL will be closer together this year to accommodate the WC so we'll be playing twice a week for the majority of the first half of the season with a quick...
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    Milan Škriniar

    Do we have money to offer him a renewal?
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    Preseason 22/23

    D'Ambro :)
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    Preseason 22/23

    There's not one player in this XI (or squad) that can beat a player or spot a pass. This is 2009 levels of stagnancy.
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    Preseason 22/23

    Boy this ain't pretty. At least we have a whole 7 days until the real games start.
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    Preseason 22/23

    At least Handa dived.
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    Preseason 22/23

    I had to login then start a new tab and it's ok for me now. Pitch looks shit, and if you're going to take number 90 at least go for 99.
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    Preseason 22/23

    Inter TV tab?
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    Preseason 22/23
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    Preseason 22/23

    Is anyone watching tbe stream already? The old guy laying passes off to our players to fire it over the bar/straight at Onana is head and shoulders better than everyone else. He even tackled (stood still) Lukaku.