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    Final: Spain - England

    England are eternal losers, i won 50€ betting for Spain
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    Final: Spain - England

    England are eternal losers. Final was Germany vs Spain
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    Josep Martínez

    At first i thought it was a buy and then loan him for 1 season, but i guess he will compete Sommer for starting spot. Good to start with the coppa games and some Serie A's.
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    Juan Cabal

    I honestly like Carlos more as a LCB than CB. He is good in both offense and defense. So sign a sub for Bastoni for cheap is not bad.
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    It's very important Calafiori doesn't go to RuBe.
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    We should admit Dimarco game was pretty poor and the change for Zaccagni was pretty good, and Chiesa was the most incisive player probably should play from the start instead of Raspadori but then your bench is clearly worst and there are no revulsives. Too bad Bastoni didn't score one of those...
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    Good SPALLETONE, u listen
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    Spalletone is hurting Italy so much not giving Bastoni/Dimarco/Barella the perfect formation for them to show all the potential they got, he should do it because those are the best players he has. He is a moron. It's clearly a 3-5-2 with Chiesa and Scamacca up front. Jorginho trying to be Hakan...
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    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    Bayern is in the same level as Inter right now, if he leaves is because of the money only. Only City/Madrid are an upgrade over Inter. He is essential but pretty sure Marotta can get a better replacement if this goes ahead.
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    Benjamin Pavard

    Why Deschamps The Moron prefers Upamecano over Pavard? because he is a moron i guess?
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    I jjust want Mavs to win cause of Pure Blood Irving.
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    Denzel Dumfries

    I'm ok with a straight swap between the 2. PSG plays with back 4, so Dumfries is better option, while Hakimi is much better for 3-5-2.
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    Beppe Marotta

    • Giuseppe Marotta — Presidente y CEO Sport, Internazionale Milano • Javier Zanetti — Vicepresidente, Internazionale Milano • Alessandro Antonello — CEO Corporate, Internazionale Milano • Alejandro Cano — Director General de Oaktree • Katherine Ralph — Manager general de las estrategias globales...
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    Beppe Marotta

    Exciting move. But i guess he already was the fucking boss, that teenager son of a rich dad was a puppet lol.
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    2023/2024 Forwards Rumours Thread

    All 3 players bought in 2023 summer: Sorloth: 8+2millions - 23 goals Dovyk: 7.75 millions - 24 goals. Arnatunovic: 8millions - 3 goals. The only reason why we Atletico eliminated us.