Semifinal: Portugal - Wales


La Grande Inter
La Grande Inter
Nov 23, 2015
Portugal had the easiest route from the start, and most of us even said they will get into the final after they made it into the other part of the bracket with the easier sides..

That being said, Ronaldo showed up when it mattered which I give him credit for tonight. A nice goal and a (fluke?) assist.

Don't see them winning against either France or Germany

Well, it is true that they kind of had it easy, but: 1. It still isn't so easy to get to the final, after the round robin you have to maintain at least an average level in every single match, which Portugal did while two other good teams on that side of the draw, Belgium and Croatia, did not; 2. Now they are going to face either Germany or france, so if they win the tournament (but I repeat that I find it very very unlikely) they will have deserved it.