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  1. Steevee

    2024/2025 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Read he had a great Copa - good for him - but I'm positive a read a year or so ago this guy was taking hormones and was going to become a she or at least a they/them... Damn media :LOL:
  2. Steevee

    Inter Jerseys

    Those shorts look like mid 90s shorts.
  3. Steevee

    Romelu Lukaku

    That's mad. I could kind of, at a push, understand him deleting anything to do with us because it went salty (his fault; thundercunt), but Roma? He *seemed* to have departed on good terms and there was no ill feeling from either side. Just like Armendsh said, you should be proud to wear that...
  4. Steevee

    Preseason 2024

    My Mrs got us tickets for the Chelsea game in London 😍 Haven’t managed to see Inter live in about 6-7 years, been too long.
  5. Steevee

    Copa América 2024

    I see there’s some drama brewing about Argentinian players questionable choice of song… please don’t be Lauti or Carboni 🫣
  6. Steevee

    Serie A Calcio Mercato, Summer 2024-25

    It’s weird to see a Milan starting 11 with no Italian players…
  7. Steevee

    2024/2025 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Ugh. Pass. Just in case, don't need the image...
  8. Steevee

    Mattia Zanotti

    I don't recall if I have ever seen this kid play, could he cut it this season given that Buchanan has just had his injury?
  9. Steevee

    Tanner Tessmann

    Is there a more American sounding name? :lol: Chad Hogan receives the ball from Tanner Tessmann...
  10. Steevee

    Juan Cuadrado

    If he hadn't spent *most* of the season injured, maybe it would be worth consideration, but not now. It makes no sense.
  11. Steevee

    Tajon Buchanan

    Poor guy,, sounds nasty.
  12. Steevee

    2024/2025 Forwards Rumours Thread

    What are these legal and "crime" issues you guys talk of?
  13. Steevee

    2024/2025 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Retegui is absolute garbage. Would rather keep Arna.
  14. Steevee

    Round of 16: Switzerland - Italy

    Luciano should head straight back to his vineyard. Turgid shite.
  15. Steevee

    Round of 16: Switzerland - Italy

    Maybe, it would give him more time to attend his burn clinic appointments at least.
  16. Steevee

    Round of 16: Switzerland - Italy

    True. I was game for that, but he has been utter gash.
  17. Steevee

    Round of 16: Switzerland - Italy

    This has been astonishingly poor. The biggest worry for me here is FIGC fire LS and look around and decide Inzaghi is the man to take them forward.
  18. Steevee

    Milan Škriniar

    Fuck no man! Pimpin be Simpin.
  19. Steevee

    Group A

    I was joking mate, we've never made it out of a group stage in either the Euros nor WC (ever). Utter pish usually, and we weren't even that good this time around.
  20. Steevee

    UEFA Europa League 2023/2024

    Outstanding performance tonight.. nicely fucking done!