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  1. Adriano@10

    Benjamin Pavard

    First of congrats.... While all you guys are wondering about irrelevant shit like his sexual orientation I m just wondering why the fuck she was already wearing what looks like a wedding dress when he proposed to her?
  2. Adriano@10


    That bronze Medal is not helping lebrons case quite the opposite....
  3. Adriano@10


    There was a rally right after trum got shot though......... Still way to much money on the sidelines and to many gullible idiots and lying Ceo s out there for there to be any real dropp.
  4. Adriano@10

    2024/2025 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Love this fuck the guy and his agent. If your 22 soon to be 23 and all you ve done so far is one good season in serie B you should jump at the opportunity to come to inter and show your talent. Who know if such an opportunity comes around again. Also getting to play at inter or being owned by...
  5. Adriano@10

    Tanner Tessmann

    If he realized that why not stay at venezia where he has his spot?
  6. Adriano@10

    Lautaro Martinez

    I do but it s the opposite perspective i m saying there aint that many swedish/swiss/austrians out there complaining that their NTs are full of Secondos from the balkan.... Again the topic seems to be more heated when black players are involved as with the zidane case. Also it always depends...
  7. Adriano@10

    Lautaro Martinez

    If they felt that way they could play for what ever nation their parents or grand parents were from yet non of them do it. Also lets not kid our selfes most of them never lived outside of France and for probably all of them french is their first language so wtf are we talking about? Also...
  8. Adriano@10

    Lautaro Martinez

    Very obvious that it is implied that they are not real french...Same as it s implied that if your black your not real french even if you and maybe even your parents never lived outside of france.... Anyways it s fucken retarded for players to be this stupid and even record them selfes and...
  9. Adriano@10

    The Hip Hop Thread

    Came across this old banger again yesterday: How fucken good is Andre 3000s verse? Fucking insane thats why we re sad that the dude now plays the flute
  10. Adriano@10

    Lautaro Martinez

    Can we say best dm or best mid in the world? I hate comparing players of different positions with each other
  11. Adriano@10

    Final: Spain - England

    Tbh international play was always below top league levels. If we re honest with our selfes international games are for the casuals
  12. Adriano@10

    Final: Spain - England

    I can guaramtee you that neither the italian nor the german media hypes up their NTs like the english do... Same goes for serie a and bundesliga fans vs epl fans. Epl fans are easily the worst since fucken 98 i hear every 2 years how england has by far the best sqaud and how it s finnally gonna...
  13. Adriano@10

    Final: Spain - England

    I m gonna sound like a bitter old cunt but for me seeing England fail over and over again at international tournaments atfer hyping their team up like they re unbeatable is one of the most enjoyable things international football has to offer... At this point i m almost convinced that the only...
  14. Adriano@10

    Mattia Zanotti

    A few things first of glad he stays in the super league he s established himselfe here as a starter and he needs playing time the most. Plus he s not at a point yet where he needs to get a bigger challenge. Lugano is a bit of an odd choice especially considering the price they paid. As teams...
  15. Adriano@10

    Simone Inzaghi

    Good question.... Trap? Not sure if his contract ended or he just left but quite sure he did not get fired
  16. Adriano@10

    Simone Inzaghi

    Yes i agree with that and we should try to defer as much to bonuses as we can, my argument is it s not as easy as you make it sound especially if we wanna retain top talent and stay competitive. Fact is we are already doing this and in all our longer renewal sagas since skriniar reports have...
  17. Adriano@10

    Simone Inzaghi

    And again I m saying your putting this out as some kind of big redemption for our salary problems which it simply is not. Also again people with regular jobs and their employers are in a whole different world to footballers... Goals are easier to achieve and the worker is way easier replaced and...
  18. Adriano@10

    Simone Inzaghi

    You really compare us to relegation sides? Also its standard across the industry that players have to take big pay cuts in case of a demotion that is across all leagues. Fucking jube players took pay cuts to play in serie B thats almost 20 years ago stop acting like this is some kind of...
  19. Adriano@10

    Simone Inzaghi

    You mean he ll be the second highest earning coach in serie A even before bonus? Like whats your argument here? He only makes less than conte who still is a way bgger name..... Again lauti and barella also have bonuses included and at the end of the day th market and not inter management...
  20. Adriano@10

    Piotr Zieliński

    Meh us fans drastically overestimate how many direct freekicks are actually scored even by experts. For example Juninho arguably the best Freekick taker the game has ever seen has scored 77 freekicks over a 20 year career.... Also Hakan currenty is number 3 in terms of numbers of freekicks...