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    Mehdi Taremi

    Brozović will remain a trendsetter for Inter
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    well, it's about ego. if USA weren't so bad the last few years, he would've never came back to play for them, but since this is the last time for him to win something + bragging rights against people that played before him and didn't win sure, I can respect his professionalism, but I see both...
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    Preseason 2024

    Winning or losing doesn't matter in preseason. I just want players to get their fitness up and try out some younglings. Inzaghi could've made the subs earlier.
  4. wera

    Lucien Agoumé

    Fuck it, why not. We are in need of a player that can slot there :lol:
  5. wera

    Preseason 2024

    Maybe Zielinski will be the starter and he doesn't want to overplay him (I'm hoping) - he also just came to the camp, Mkhi has been there since day 1 the bigger issue is why didn't Inzaghi make more subs earlier? I'd like to see some of the kids play a bit more
  6. wera

    Preseason 2024

    It is his fault they scored, because he didn't launch a long ball and lost the ball. Otherwise yeah, has some potential. My fav on the pitch was Zielinski, he looked better than everybody. Strength, ball control, good movement, best passing out of the bunch. I wish Mkhi will become the bench...
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    The bullshit thread

    No problem, mods. Maybe it was naive of me to write that.
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    Zinho Vanheusden

    pretty much hit it on the head :D
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    Zinho Vanheusden

    it's a Gundam reference, you aren't asian enough to understand it
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    Inter Jections: An Inter Podcast

    Topalović is a possible coup as long as we develop him, he is the type of player that could slot into our midfield. I usually don't feel good about buying Slovenians, but he is THE BIGGEST talent Slovenia had after Šeško. While we are at it, buy Bijol too.
  11. wera

    Marko Arnautovic

    Oh, he declined quite hard in the past two seasons, which is why I was surprised we even went for him. Big guys at this age lose pace, stamina and strength by the months. If he'll only play here and there, he'll do okay-good, if he'll be overplayed like Džeko, he'll be shit.
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    Henrikh Mkhitaryan

    You can't beat depression with work ethic.
  13. wera

    Preseason 2024

    To whomever who cares, the next game is today.
  14. wera

    Bannings and Suspensions

    Whoever wants to write something political, just write me that through PMs. Don't get yourself banned for this, talk football on the forum, but for political convos talk to me directly.
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    Preseason 2024

    June? June 2025?
  16. wera

    2024/2025 Forwards Rumours Thread

    they mostly played 4231, Alvarez and Lautaro together just seems weird
  17. wera

    2024/2025 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Would Alvarez - Martinez actually work? I'd rather have a Dybala-type of player to complement Thuram or Lautaro.
  18. wera

    Video Games

    It's crack cocaine, alright I don't know how to feel about it. I love playing it, but I always use summons for bosses since it's more fun than trying the boss for 100+ times :lol:
  19. wera

    English Premier League 24/25

    Go Wolves!!
  20. wera

    Lautaro Martinez

    I love you and I wish the best to you, just like Lautaro. <3 brothers of the world