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    Inter - Milan (11 Mar 07)

    Why do you think Zlatan will not start?
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    Inter - Udinese (28 Feb 07)

    Max did look lost for a while in midfield v Catania. But he did ok generally. Grosso will start crossing well consistently when he starts playing regularly. I've seen him in his lower league days and he is brilliant going forward. BTW where is Recoba?
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    Catania - Inter (25 Feb 07)

    It's interesting that both Maxwell and Grosso are starting. Grosso will probably play in midfield given that he has experience playing as an attacking midfielder in his lower league days.
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    New Stadium

    I voted for a new stadium only because of the pitch. If we can work out some way to keep the pitch in tip top condition the whole season (there is an issue with sunlight in the winter months) then I would keep the San Siro with some major modernisations and upgrade work. I don't buy into this...
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    Inter - Valencia (21 Feb 07)

    Class guy. Advertises his own ignorance. Idiot.
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    Inter - Valencia (21 Feb 07)

    29 scudetti? Moggi armed with 12 cell phones; making 500 calls a day; blackmail, threats, extortion, rape, pillage; Lock up referees, beat them up, etc. Ah the beautiful game a la JuBE. Ever wonder how many they actually won without cheating? My guess is 2 or maybe 3 at best.
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    Patrick Vieira

    My original point was Vieira has no right to feel he won that Scudetto given the facts. I don't doubt he tried his best and I don't accuse him of having joined in in the cheating (point taken about the difference between him and the likes of Del Piero). It is sad for Vieira; he is blameless and...
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    Catania - Inter (25 Feb 07)

    I agree we have to slip up sometime but Catania at Cesena seems relatively easy. Inter are the most experienced side out there when it comes to playing behind closed doors.
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    Patrick Vieira

    Han, thanks for the post. Nice interview although it's time Patrick put his shameful season with Jube behind him. No, what you had to do on the pitch was made so much easier by what was done off it. You only had to turn up to win. Vieira and the rest of the players should sue Juve.
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    Sinisa Mihajlovic

    Thanks for sharing Alexandar. Informative interview. Didn't realise Sinisa was such a big scorer off the pitch as well.
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    Inter - Cagliari (17 Feb 07)

    Where is Recoba again? I thought he was almost ready now... Can someone tell me what his latest injury is?
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    Hi from Maldives

    Thanks guys! I have already been made to feel very welcome here.
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    Inter - Cagliari (17 Feb 07)

    Thankfully I don't think anyone at Inter will settle for a draw against Cagliari. Villa has got some nifty close control and a short burst of pace from what I have seen of him. It will be a concern if Matrix finds himself isolated with him and drawn out wide or too tight. Then there's the...
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    Inter - Valencia (21 Feb 07)

    We have to hope Barca thrash Valencia... that way, Valencia will be scraping the floor with their morale when they meet us. In any case they are dreading facing us given the history of these clashes.
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    Inter - Cagliari (17 Feb 07)

    We've had some difficulties with Cagliari in the past. But this Inter is playing beyond anything most of us have ever seen... So I don't know, maybe there is no chance of overconfidence with whatever team goes out on the field.
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    Chievo - Inter (11 Feb 07)

    As I see it, Cafe still has more pace, positional sense and is a better tackler. Burdisso is (now) a better header of the ball and way more skilled at passing. Cafe is not finished yet by a long way but the difference between the two is getting smaller.
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    Roberto Mancini

    I hate it when people say we won the Scudetto off the pitch. We won all the points ON the pitch and got more points than the teams that cheated their way to points.
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    Alvaro "Il Chino" Recoba

    He was in the Coppa squad two weeks ago but missing from the squad in Verona. Did he get a new injury? I wouldn't be surprised!
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    Hi from Maldives

    Hi, I am a long time Inter fan from the Maldives... Great forum here!
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    GDS & CDS Official Ratings

    No problem Frisko. I have to say thanks again from those of us who can't access Gazzetta or don't read Italian too well.