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  1. ForzaInterFinland

    Udinese - Inter (8 Apr 24) [1-2]

    Alexis playing well again.
  2. ForzaInterFinland

    Udinese - Inter (8 Apr 24) [1-2]

    I agree to a certain degree. If Dumfries would have let Sommer know a bit earlier that he is not gonna take it, there would've been no problem. Lack of communication from both.
  3. ForzaInterFinland

    Udinese - Inter (8 Apr 24) [1-2]

    Dumfries is one of the dumbest players I've ever seen wearing our jersey. He ran full speed towards the ball and then decided to not go for it 4 meters before goal and Sommer couldn't do anything at that point. Sommer could've made a move towards the corner but I'm sure he thought that Dumfries...
  4. ForzaInterFinland

    Inter - Empoli (1 Apr 24) [2-0]

    Barella has been outstanding today excluding the bullshit finishing. That ball to Pavard was delicious.
  5. ForzaInterFinland

    Atletico Madrid - Inter (13 Mar 24) [2-1]

    Inzaghi totally shadowed by Simeone. Had no doubt that Inter is gonna lose the penalties and knew exactly who are gonna score and who not. I guess all of us did. I'm not blaming Lautaro too much. He set up Thuram and Barella for one-on-one's and started the move that resulted in the goal...
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    What is your most painful memory of Inter?

    Same game came to mind. First time watching Inter in a bar and first time watching Inter abroad. I was 17, studying as an exchange student in Spain. Went to a local pub to watch the game as the only Inter fan in the whole place. It was gonna be a long game after Materazzi red card in the first...
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    Lautaro Martinez

    I think Martinez is going to bring joy to us for years and years. Getting better and it seems that his qualities in other aspects of the game would open a possibility to play him lower on the field if and when he loses his pace. Intelligent passes and great tackles in every game. I suspect he...
  8. ForzaInterFinland

    Inter - Atlético Madrid (20 Feb 24) [1-0]

    Sure the short corner was played very poorly, but did you guys forget that we had like 20 corners against Salernitana and didn't create shit. I understand the need to try something else.
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    Inter Streams this seems to work. Edit: Good quality stream but look out for NSFW-ads when you start it
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    Genoa - Inter (29 Dec 23) [1-1]

  11. ForzaInterFinland

    Genoa - Inter (29 Dec 23) [1-1]

    Completely disagree with previous guys. Genoa shows football culture at its best. If it doesn't happen every game, it's on and welcome.
  12. ForzaInterFinland

    Lazio - Inter (17 Dec 23) [0-2]

    Lazio was better but didn't create that many goal opportunities tbh. Our midfield is struggling but defence seems solid. Darmian is a beast, can play anywhere in defence and is rock solid every game.
  13. ForzaInterFinland

    Napoli - Inter (3 Dec 23) [0-3]

    Darmian, Acerbi, Carlos Augusto works really well. I know Bisseck is there now but generally, that seems to be a very good setup for defence.
  14. ForzaInterFinland

    Napoli - Inter (3 Dec 23) [0-3]

    Dumfries not really doing anything on that front either. Maybe better defensive positioning then Juan but then again, he kills almost all our attacks.
  15. ForzaInterFinland

    Napoli - Inter (3 Dec 23) [0-3]

    Hoping for Cuadrado to come in at the break. He at least has the balls to attempt to dribble past defenders. And much, much better technique with long balls. Edit: Dumfries pass completion abysmal 66,7% in the first half.
  16. ForzaInterFinland

    Napoli - Inter (3 Dec 23) [0-3]

    Dimarco and Dumfries been totally shit every single game after a great start to the season. What happened there? Lautaro and Thuram would surely score if the crosses wouldn't be so shit from both sides.Darmian and Sommer played well so far. Thank you Hakan, that's what we needed.
  17. ForzaInterFinland

    Euro 2024 Qualifiers I disagree with you lot, that would've been a very weak penalty call. Look at this with 0,50x playspeed from all the angles couple times and you'll see what I mean. Cristante's touch is very soft and Murdyk is dragging his feet and already going down before contact. And...
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    Inter - Frosinone (12 Nov 23) [2-0]

    We must talk more shit about Dimarco. What a troll goal
  19. ForzaInterFinland

    Inter - Frosinone (12 Nov 23) [2-0]

    Darmian, Acerbi and Barella playing really well. Usual culprits in the last games, Dimarco and Dumfries playing bad as fuck. Need to get the midfield in control and close the wings. This should be a good game for Augusto and Frattesi.
  20. ForzaInterFinland

    Inter - Roma (29 Oct 23) [1-0]

    Total domination, just need to convert chances better. Barella played reasonably well given his recent form. Dumfries was extremely good as was Acerbi. Pavard was very active in the attack, shame that the end result was lacking. Asllani, Augusto both came well from the bench, Darmian and...