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  1. Broseph Stalin

    Preseason 2024

    Come to California bitches
  2. Broseph Stalin

    Tanner Tessmann

    Should’ve signed Klay Thompson instead
  3. Broseph Stalin

    Luka Topalović

    Il nuovo Rene Krhin
  4. Broseph Stalin

    Tanner Tessmann

    I doubt he would ever play much for Inter but maybe his bbq skills are top-notch
  5. Broseph Stalin

    Round of 16: Austria - Turkey

    now I have an excuse to get my hands greasy with a donner kebab
  6. Broseph Stalin

    Denzel Dumfries

    What about George Puskas? Looks like our primaveras main mission is to raise mediocre players for the Romanian national team. Where is Radu btw
  7. Broseph Stalin

    Tajon Buchanan

    Damn. Should’ve got a wingback at Costco
  8. Broseph Stalin

    Tajon Buchanan

    He is on loan, right? Can we like return him?
  9. Broseph Stalin

    Round of 16: Romania - Netherlands

    Is Memphis a lawyer or something? Sorry for my ignorance
  10. Broseph Stalin

    Round of 16: Romania - Netherlands

    Idea: Memphis to replace Alexis?
  11. Broseph Stalin

    Alexis Sanchez

    he will be back in a season. No need to move the thread
  12. Broseph Stalin

    Round of 16: France - Belgium

    hate to admit it but mbappe is so much better than Thuram
  13. Broseph Stalin

    Piotr Zielinski

    Is he official on Wikipedia yet
  14. Broseph Stalin

    Christian Eriksen

    Is it lol?
  15. Broseph Stalin

    Benjamin Pavard

    lol he’s not our best defender by a far margin. For the price we paid for him, We should’ve bought a decent striker
  16. Broseph Stalin

    Projection to 86 points 23/24

    if we are tied with Juve there would be a play-off game Espn
  17. Broseph Stalin

    Nicolò Barella

    Barella is weird. He’s so composed when he’s in the middle of the pitch making all these elegant passes and dribbles but the moment he needs to take a shot all this composure is momentarily gone. It’s a psyschological issue
  18. Broseph Stalin

    Carlos Augusto

    Bastoni would play LCB
  19. Broseph Stalin

    Yann Bisseck

    He’s like a walking plusvalenza for our management
  20. Broseph Stalin

    Bologna - Inter (9 Mar 24) [0-1]

    I would prefer healthy Thuram over this win tbh