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    Mehdi Taremi

    Ah, Dari0 always manages to say something wrong. If football has nothing to do with politics, why is Russia not allowed to participate in FIFA and Uefa competitions? You don't have to answer, it's retorical. I support the sentiment to not talk politics on this forum, but don't say things that...
  2. wera

    The Hip Hop Thread

    another one
  3. wera

    Valentín Carboni

    We have Taremi and Lautaro that can play as strikers in a 3421 so Carboni would fit well on the right side in that case, as well as Frattesi Thuram, Di Marco or Barella could easily play on the left
  4. wera

    Stefan de Vrij

    for sure the goalkeeper is more at fault than De Vrij but the goalkeeper doesn't play for Inter, so he doesn't matter
  5. wera

    Euro 2024 General Discussion

    5 out of these names will be right in the end
  6. wera

    2024/2025 Defenders Rumours Thread

    The issue is that we can get some money for De Vrij, but we won't get any money for Acerbi. I'd rather have De Vrij and Bijol too
  7. wera

    Stefan de Vrij

    and yet he was the better CB this season Acerbi needs to leave first, I don't mind De Vrij as our second option for 2 more seasons minimum
  8. wera

    Video Games

    You got a fake Warframe game for free if you want to go from the start that is called - The First Descendant I'm not a fan, but it's aiight
  9. wera

    Mehdi Taremi

    No, crzd said "about time" and I responded with this. I never wondered anything. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. I named 4 things why he didn't come earlier, all true.
  10. wera

    Mehdi Taremi

    The seasons are long. I don't blame players taking their time in the summer.
  11. wera

    Benjamin Pavard

    Or maybe he knows what to do to make fans swoon. I would also submerge myself into the clubs culture if I was him.
  12. wera

    Mehdi Taremi

    Why should he come to Milan earlier? The preseason haven't started, he is already signed, he was on his vacation. Even the other players only came this week.
  13. wera

    2024/2025 Forwards Rumours Thread

    I wish we got Arnautović earlier, same as Džeko. Džeko also looked clumsy at Inter which was more because of old age than being a clumsy player throughout the career. 34+ year old, tall and heavy? Competing against a lot of players that are younger? That is just the reality of it. Arna was...
  14. wera

    2024/2025 Defenders Rumours Thread

    We don't need Zanotti or Fabbian to be starter quality, just to not shit the bed when they come on for 20-30 minutes. For Fabbian I am sure he would slot in easily with this midfield, while Zanotti I know less about but at least he is getting some hype compared to a lot of other loanees. There...
  15. wera

    Denzel Dumfries

    Pau Torres is probably their most expensive player. I would gladly exchange him for Dumfries if that would ever be the option.
  16. wera

    Semi Final: Spain - France

    theo has been horrible it's good Pavard and Thuram are chillin'
  17. wera

    Semi Final: Spain - France

    Yamal is special
  18. wera

    Semi Final: Spain - France

    no need to be overdramatic, Lautaro also "lost" his starting spot and he is scoring goals for Argentina again now
  19. wera

    Semi Final: Spain - France

    Kolo Muani goal
  20. wera

    Oaktree Capital Management

    but I wouldn't say Bastoni or Barella were cheap and risky buys, if we had money to do a transfer or two like that every summer, I'm sure we would do it - SUMMER 2023 was AMAZING for us. Thuram, Pavard, Frattesi, Arnautović, Sanchez, Bisseck, Sommer. Most of these panned out great. We don't need...