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    Atletico Madrid - Inter (13 Mar 24) [2-1]

    Yeah Atletico's maybe
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    Atletico Madrid - Inter (13 Mar 24) [2-1]

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    Atletico Madrid - Inter (13 Mar 24) [2-1]

    We conceded a goal fucking exactly like it looked we would from the 1st minute of the game. Thankfully we scored before the goal came
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    Atletico Madrid - Inter (13 Mar 24) [2-1]

    I logged in just to say GET PAVARD OUT OF THE FUCKING PITCH FOR FUCKS SAKE He's fucking horrible today jesus ficking christ
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    Manchester City - Inter (10 June 23) [1-0]

    Some city players are overrated as fuck and it's really been bothering me lately. This team is nowhere near the great pep barca teams etc. An old gundogan has been a star player for them this year ffs. That is more indicative on how the overall level europe wise has fallen rather than how...
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    Manchester City - Inter (10 June 23) [1-0]

    I think this is a bunch of crap. Lukaku's header was not one where you get to "aim". You turn your head to direct the ball towards the goal. Chances are ALWAYS that the goalkeeper can save it. Have you guys ever played any football or is it just the standard Lukaku hating? This shit is so...
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    Manchester City - Inter (10 June 23) [1-0]

    I am very relaxed about this final, feel we have nothing to lose and I believe we can play and score on them. That said... ...I have seen nothing over the last couple of matches to have any chance (note, this is based on city's great form of late, if they play like shit all bets are off). This...
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    Inter - Milan (16 May 23) [ UCL Semifinal G2 ] [1-0]

    This has been driving me crazy. You are playing with three midfielders like Mikhitaryan, Calhanoglu and Barela and not one of them is dropping back into spaces to receive the ball. Not that we've had any problems breaking any pressure but come on there is at teams lots of space to play through...
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    Inter - Porto (22 Feb 23) [1-0]

    The team just plays crap football in general. I am in general tired of it, it was one thing to follow a specific plan with Conte that you also knew would work and win, but otherwise I am sick of this. It's time to end this 3-5-2 era. Bring in a proper coach (that'll happen) and play a normal...
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    Monza - Inter (7 Jan 23) [2-2]

    I've never called for Inzaghi's head but I will do it now. This is NOT A WELL COACHED TEAM. Inzaghi out. NOW. Fuck this shit.
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    Udinese - Inter (18 Sep 22) [3-1]

    Is it officially banter era again?
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    Inter - Sassuolo (20 Feb 22) [0-2]

    You know what's fucking sad? When we blew the game against Milan, I saw the writing on the wall for what was coming. With the liverpool games on the way which I knew would be yet again (like when facing real) a valiant effort but ultimately inevitable loss and emotionally draining piling on, I...
  13. CCCP

    Milan - Inter (7 Nov 21) [1-1]

    Once again, our showing at the end of a match (last 10-15 mins) was fucking EMBARASSING. Which is why I can't say we deserved to win despite what we did the rest of the game.
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    Inter - Real Madrid (15 Sep 21) [0-1]

    This is exactly what I was about to write I am worried about. The team is good but their fitness levels are really worrying me. We can't even last a whole match, even with a bunch of decent subs (for our level...have to play crap like vencino that's the reality of it). And while a high level...
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    Christian Eriksen

    That was from when they used the defibrillator
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    Inter - Verona (25 Apr 21) [1-0]

    Lol what? When was that? When we were starting vencino and gagliardini and valero and other garbage? We have better depth because we have better starting quality and our former starters have been relegated to where they belong, the bench (and some of them don't even belong there)
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    Bologna - Inter (3 Apr 21) [0-1]

    He has been absolutely shocking. Offensively his mind is just not working today.
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    Bologna - Inter (3 Apr 21) [0-1]

    WTF is wrong with Barella today? He just refuses to take a shot and just always does nothing and at the end leaves the ball to Hakimi. How many times has he done this now?
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    Parma - Inter (4 Mar 21) [1-2]

    Bet you anything you want that Parma shows up absolutely dead in their next game. They chose this one to expend their energy on. We didn't play bad nor had 0 energy but for us this was not a match to give it 100% and they took advantage and gave us trouble with some of their running. Where we...
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    Parma - Inter (4 Mar 21) [1-2]

    Barella needs to come out imo.