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    Hi guy Welcome
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    New member

    Welcome Fair girl
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    European football in China

    You are wrong, in china ,we can watch the game of serie A from the Chinese centrol television every sunday. The sports newspapers take us a lot of news of European football. And,our inter-fans‘s forums,just like "".is a very good place for chinese Interistis. We have the ICN...
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    99 years of black and blue passion: Auguri Inter!

    I reade it on ,and now wo are translate it into chinese. 米兰消息:99年前的今天,国际米兰俱乐部成立,两天之后,隆巴底大区报用几行话公布了这个消息,新闻中援引了由俱乐部创建者们签署的公告,这份公告写在了印有乌姆贝托·穆格詹尼名字的信签纸背后。穆格詹尼就是画家乔治的父亲,乔治为国际米兰设计了最初的袖标样式,并被沿用至今。...
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    Inter54—— from China

    Hi guy, I know you,do you know me?
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    I come from China

    PS: My The inter fans web site I usualy go is: There my ID is:伊☆蓝
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    I come from China

    Hi guy,I come from China too,Studing in Chengdu city.
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    Please Read! Forza Inter Members' Page

    Real Name: malone (yi.yu) Date of Birth: 7/10/1984 Country and Hometown: Chengdu - China Favorite Player: Chino Supported Inter since: The time R9 left Squad Number: I'm No. 20 phrase, quote, anything!: I came from China,Which country has the Top1 fans of INTER comparis to other FC.Welcome...