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  1. catanha

    Liverpool - Inter (19 Feb 08)

    there's one thing that will remain constant to do with Inter and the Champions League. well actually 3. 1- whenever a team presses Inter, Inter will choke and not know how to handle it. 2- the coach will make decisions which baffle everyone but Inter fans. 3- the Inter finals will forever...
  2. catanha

    Fiorentina - Inter (2 Dec 07)

    Quoted for truth, absolutely nail on head. Shame some other "geniuses" here can't see why this has to be a win. With Florentia Viola (ARF!) missing their supposed superstars and with their coach having a week in which his wife passed away, anything but a win here would be a poor result.
  3. catanha

    Euro 2008

    I expect England to win this, I think it's their time and their golden generation is going to deliver. :lol:
  4. catanha

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    :wth: Eh? What on gods name are you on about? This crack, stay away from it kiddies. go ahead kiddies, keep believing we'll be fine without Zlatan, then write an essay of which I read 3.5 words of and think you're a genius. We're world class without Zlatan, ffs.
  5. catanha

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Yeah, we'd be just as good without Zlatan, ARF! :lol: Solari and Jimenez are pretty much the same thing. :lol: We did play Crespo by himself last season and I remember 6-2 losses. LOL
  6. catanha

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Ex-act-ly. He will be overused to the point that all the pressure in winning matches for Inter will be on his shoulders (not that it isn't already) and any normal person won't be able to take it and start hitting the juice which will ultimately ruin his career. How many times have we seen this...
  7. catanha

    Fenerbahce - Inter (19 Sep 07)

    I disagree with Azzkikr on this one (first time actually) ARF! Suazo has the unique ability to use strength and speed to his advantage, all that's missing is the confidence to this at Inter (surprise, surprise with hacks like Cesar supposed to be the 'creative edge' ffs) and the understanding...
  8. catanha

    Cesar Aparecido Rodrigues

    so the Cesar fans say that he had a good pre season and thats why he is playing. okay. hmm... so Solari had a even better pre season....why isn't he playing? surely nothing to do with Mancini's bias would it?
  9. catanha

    English Premiership 2007/2008

    XL, good to see the fine tradition of idiots on this forum is contiuing very well, with you leading the way. ARF! moron.
  10. catanha

    Empoli - Inter (1 Sep 07)

    keep up the good work azzkikr, your posts are actually interesting and not usual sheep bollocks. I hope our players wear a black armband in memory of Puerta, that could've happened to anyone. take Pablo Escobar out of the team as well.
  11. catanha

    Spanish La Liga 2007/2008

    fortunately his suffering is over, such a tragedy. RIP Puerta and all thoughts go out to his family and his unborn child.
  12. catanha

    Atalanta - Inter (20 May 07)

    what a dumb****, forget about him man marking Totti out of the last game. congratulations, you're still a massive moron.
  13. catanha

    Campioni d'Italia 2006/2007

    Yay. I couldn't be more happy. Yippee. I can't hold this excitement, winning a race that only we were in.
  14. catanha

    Nerazzurro Down Under

    helal watch your words. I am not using another username and don't plan to even use this current one anymore, as this forum is a shadow of what it used to be. I assume forumites like Frisko, Tommi, Jake, BB (just to name a few) continue not to post here because of the morons running around here...
  15. catanha

    Valencia - Inter (6 Mar 07)

    new year same story. inter a disgrace. forza nico for standing up and not taking sh1t and being a man, no matter the circumstances. see you next year
  16. catanha

    Luis "Paso Doble" Figo

    good to see you back Primo, rumour has it you drove away Hamed. also Frisko's been making some remarks about you, very insulting. :lol:
  17. catanha

    2006 European team of the year

    your opinions? players don't have to be European, aslong as they play in Europe. catanha's European XI + 7 subs for 2006. Buffon Alves Cannavaro Vidic Lahm .....Essien Deco...... Ronaldo Ronaldinho Messi Eto'o Casillas, Ayala, Ramos, Lucho Gonzalez, Kaka, Villa, Drogba. unlucky...
  18. catanha

    Luis "Paso Doble" Figo

    there is actually more to that story, in the end, if he didn't move to Madrid he would've been sued for millions, but he was the one who got himself in that mess. doubt it's true, if so Inter definetely has a backup plan because he would've told them weeks ago about this.
  19. catanha

    The Hip Hop Thread

    massive fan of Q and TCQ, Low end theory is easily the best chill out hip hop album of all time. He did One love on Illmatic and wasn't given credit for Halftime and One time for your mind. He had a big hand in the other great QB album Infamous, check wikipedia or something, I know he had a...
  20. catanha

    Marco "Matrix" Materazzi

    err....yes you can, dozens of players.... Kohler is one. are you trying to tell me he is hated because he has passion? :lol: wtf.... So Milan fans hate him because they don't have a player like him rather than the fact that he has almost killed Shevchenko, Rui Costa and Inzaghi... you big...