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  1. Waleed

    Happy Birthday BrAD

    Happy belated birthday man. Nunavut? Why in the F would you wind up there? No matter how buckled you got. Would make for a solid story though: "Hey guys remember that weekend we all got smashed and ended up in Nunavut? Yah that was fucked!"
  2. Waleed

    Nerazzurro Up North

    Just till the end of the summer bud. Come September I will either be in Halifax or somewhere in Ontario hopefully. Khalifa you labawah send me those pictures by email or something........
  3. Waleed

    Nerazzurro Up North

    Hang in there Mike buddy. I was in MTL last week wish I had your number bro, we could have hit up shit to take your mind off things. I had a blast all the same, that club 1234 is something else. Brad, my plan is to visit BC sometime in the next year or so. When that happens I will bring my...
  4. Waleed

    Nerazzurro Up North

    I'm back mother****ers..........resurrected from the dead like heyzus or some shit like that. Ya miss me? Haha My bad for disappearing off the map boys. School and shit took up way too much of my time this year. Now it is time to chill and relax till September comes. Anyways just wanted to...
  5. Waleed

    Inter accept Dubai challenge

    Khalifa man where is the wasta ya habibi? Take some large bills with you to the stadium and I am sure you should be able to bribe someone at the door to let you in. Tamam ya gamed have a good one and try and score some pics for us.
  6. Waleed

    Walter "Il Muro" Samuel

    Of that I am well aware. I was just commenting on what a trooper he is to walk off the dressing room by himself. I've seen many players with the same injury get helped off the pitch/ice/playing field nearly in tears.
  7. Waleed

    Julio "El Jardinero" Cruz

    Answer me this Julio HOW? How the F did you manage to get that ball in through the forest of trees and past a keeper who could have literally fallen over and stopped the ball. The build up to his goal was exquisite. He started the move then made a diagonal run into the box. The supreme being...
  8. Waleed

    Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade

    I think this guy has progressed very well this season. He is no longer the same liability he was last season and has shown some great play this season. IMO he did remarkably well against AC and I con only remember 2 distinct situations where he required someone to cover for him. Forza Maxwell!
  9. Waleed

    Esteban "Il Cuchu" Cambiasso

    This guy put in a masterclass performance against AC. He was everywhere on the pitch. Showed real desire to win and do pretty much everything possible to ensure his team mates were never at a disadvantage. He was our general in the middle of the park and pretty much embodies what it is to love...
  10. Waleed

    Luis Jiménez

    He was solid in the derby, really proven he can perform against the big teams. Even when Milan were going full tilt at us he was standing tall, never shying away from the tackle and always looking to make an incisive pass. Unlike our previous little Chileian this guy is tailor made for the big...
  11. Waleed

    Walter "Il Muro" Samuel

    I feel bad for Samuel he kind of got raped by Kaka on that mazy run but at least he stuck with him despite the injury. What a hero to walk off to the dressing room unaided after busting his knee. Like wittmann said his recovery time will greatly depend on how much of the surrounding tissue and...
  12. Waleed

    Cristian Chivu

    I expect a rash tackle of two from him on Kaka tomorrow.
  13. Waleed

    Luis Jiménez

    Nothing against Jimenez but I would much rather Stan up there raring to go to stuff Pirlo. With his technique he will run circles around our boy. Not to mention the fact that Gatusso will gobble him up should he play.
  14. Waleed

    Patrick Vieira

    Pool are a very physical team and Vieira will only help add steel to our midfield. With him in the side I think we have a much better chance of advancing in the CL.
  15. Waleed

    Computer hardware and software

    With everything else being equal what processor would you guys go for in a desktop? Intel Core 2 Q6600 Quad-Core or an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6550 I know one is a quad core and the other a dual core but nothing else really stands out as a huge difference when comparing them. The quad has...
  16. Waleed

    Nerazzurro Up North

    Attta Boyyyy Brad mackin on 15 year olds and having friends shut down by deaf clapped up bitches. I guess the West really is getting wild these days. Anyways gents just finished up my exams (literally finished at 9pm and out by 10pm) and had a messy night out on the town. Tonight promises to be...
  17. Waleed

    Vitor Hugo Gomes Passos Pelè

    If he is challenging for a spot as a serious centeral defensive midfielder I think he needs to bulk up a bit. I know he is only 20 years old but I dont know if a top club can handle having a sticks and bones type player battling it out game in and game out in the middle of the park. That small...
  18. Waleed

    Enviromental Insight Assignment

    You might be right Yuko but doing nothing only perpetuates the problem. It might be band-aid over a shotgun wound but every little bit can make a difference however minuscule. Man how long does this paper have to be Khalifa? From what this thread has thrown together you should have more than...
  19. Waleed

    Luis Jiménez

    It should go to the player with the best performance and that was by far and away Frey. Without him Fiorentina would have been blown out of the water today. JC had to make one classy save. At the other end Frey was single handedly keeping his team from getting played off their own pitch. I...
  20. Waleed

    Luis Jiménez

    He got Sky Italia's MOM today. He was good but I thought it was a bit much to give it to him considering how Frey played today. He straight up stoned our team on literally no less than half a dozen chances.