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  1. Devious

    Manchester City - Inter (10 June 23) [1-0]

    Yeah safe bet there. Bravo. I mean if football is treated as math or physics anyone could get a master innit. But it doesn’t work that way, and how many years should it take any of you to understand that as football fans heck and especially an Inter fan? Seems like forever. Ok so who would have...
  2. Devious

    Fiorentina - Inter (24 May 23) [ Coppa Italia Final ] [1-2]

    Forza Inter! 💙
  3. Devious

    Esteban "Il Cuchu" Cambiasso

    Good one old man 😜 I still have a screenshot of you liking one of my posts, non photoshopped totally authentic. Been offered billions frim people who wana hurt you but I turned down all the offers.
  4. Devious

    Roberto Gagliardini

    For what it’s worth…. Flashes from a Muntari copy-cat abysmal show vs Catania 13 years ago 13-5-2010 Red card to Muntari minutes just after he came on Catania 3 - 1 Inter It was imo a necessary lose, a shocking defeat but it put Inter into prospective, that you can lose to anyone if you...
  5. Devious

    Esteban "Il Cuchu" Cambiasso

  6. Devious

    Esteban "Il Cuchu" Cambiasso

    Azzkikr you cunt! Im here to tell you I was right! I was right all along! Cambiasso was one of the best defensive midfielder the game has ever seen after all! Not an average player who cant pass, you mama is a piece of ass 13 years has passed and Im here to remind you I was right and you were...
  7. Devious

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    Was a fan of Dybala since his Palermo days but hated the cunt for joining juBe. Kinda gutted he didn’t join us but now he’s at Roma with Mouh might be following Roma and developing a soft spot I don’t know.
  8. Devious

    Lecce - Inter (13 Aug 22) [1-2]

    Y’all are posting the wrong pic
  9. Devious

    Lecce - Inter (13 Aug 22) [1-2]

    These possible two lost points might have bite us in the last few weeks in the campaign fighting for that CL spot. Thankfully we’re lucky with that last minute goal and impressive 5 FWs FIFA tactics. Hopping for more logical approach to matches and less drama in future games, but also I’ve been...
  10. Devious

    Lecce - Inter (13 Aug 22) [1-2]

    Lukaku with some Vecino touches
  11. Devious

    Lecce - Inter (13 Aug 22) [1-2]

    Too bad Hakan didn’t make it to that Lecce game. Perhaps we’re not focusing on the league title this year, we’re aiming at the CL.
  12. Devious

    Lecce - Inter (13 Aug 22) [1-2]

    Didn’t know Spork is so attractive
  13. Devious

    Lecce - Inter (13 Aug 22) [1-2]

    Barrela with a mustache gives a hippie Mazzola vibes
  14. Devious

    Inter Jerseys

    Looks like a stained shirt I used to have that I overwashed with hot water sometime ago. Too bad had to throw it away now it becomes a thing.
  15. Devious

    Matias Vecino

    Remind me never to consult you about my future plans. Having said that, I think Vecino should be in LGI, managing at his mediocrity to stay at one of the top 3 Italian teams for more than half a decade is a unique achievement.
  16. Devious

    Matias Vecino

    That’s my scudetto. I can’t believe I lived to see the day! I can now die in peace 🥲
  17. Devious

    Cagliari - Inter (15 May 22) [1-3]

    I’m just happy I won’t be seeing Vecino again, hoping to see the same fate for Gagshittini
  18. Devious

    Italian Serie A 2021/2022

    We did our best, we’ve had tighter schedule and that postponed Bologna game made it more complicated. My scudetto this year is beating juBe 3 times including fucking them up in two finals with a sweet 4-2 demolition show. No regrets I enjoyed every second! Grazie Ragazzi! Forza Inter!
  19. Devious

    Ivan Perišić

    Reminds me of certain someone which I was found of back in the day, a monstrous workhorse overall player Ivan developed really well at Bayern and back under Conte then even got better with Simone, real Champ!