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  1. Alessandro


    Totally agree. Both Paul and JBL are WWE apologists which really works against this type of show. Though I enjoyed it and it definitely has potential. In regards to the 3hr Raw item in particular, JBL doesn't address the average creative. All well and good at how much revenue is earned but Raw...
  2. Alessandro


    The brand split in WWE is night and day. Raw has become nearly as bad as WCW Circa 2000 (Over-exageration but still)... On the otherhand, Smackdown is Prime WWE. A HUGE contrast in quality.
  3. Alessandro


    Typical WWE though. Build a monster for super cena to squash. Surely Rusev wins the Iquit match right?
  4. Alessandro

    Davide Santon

    Just looking back, he had such a brilliant game against Manchester United. Was this his debut for the first team?
  5. Alessandro

    Empoli - Inter (17 Jan 15) [0-0]

    Bright side. Shaqiri and Kovacic on the bench. Surely we will see them on the pitch soon. Both would help with possession
  6. Alessandro

    Empoli - Inter (17 Jan 15) [0-0]

    If D'ambrosio improves his crossing, he would be a deserved starter for us. On that wide position, dribbling/hard work is not enough
  7. Alessandro

    Frisko's retirement

    Legend. All the best Frisko and thanks for all your efforts in the past.
  8. Alessandro

    Italian Serie A 2014/2015

    I see what you did there Fitzy... Integrity, Intensity and Intelligence haha
  9. Alessandro

    Nemanja Vidic

    Made the GDS team of the week...
  10. Alessandro

    Walter Mazzarri

    @Inter_en: FC Internazionale announces that Walter Mazzarri has been relieved of his duties as first team coach. #FCIM
  11. Alessandro

    Roberto Mancini

    Incredible news Official: @Inter_en: FC Internazionale announces that Walter Mazzarri has been relieved of his duties as first team coach. #FCIM
  12. Alessandro

    Italian Serie A 2014/2015

    I'm in Italy on the 23rd of November for only 1 night so I was awaiting for the Serie A fixtures to be announced. It ends up being the Milan Derby. It is beyond incredible but I'm blessed to be able to see this match for the second time. #TheReturn
  13. Alessandro

    2014/2015 Defenders Rumours Thread

    DiMarzio: Inter are close to signing Roma’s left back Dodo. If Cole arrives...
  14. Alessandro


    Congrats to the spurs fans in here. Class team.
  15. Alessandro


    The WWE just took a large financial hit... Financial Investment Firm Lemelson Buys Huge Stake In WWE & Wants to Replace Executive Management Team
  16. Alessandro


    Not sure if you guys caught this but what an incredible moment for this kid. RIP
  17. Alessandro


    Anyone checked out Austin's podcast with Bichoff. Really good so far...
  18. Alessandro


    They are booking Bryan so poorly IMO... Raw's segment with Kane in Bryan's car was hilarious. Reminded me of WCW circa 2000
  19. Alessandro

    Michael Jackson

    Hi Guys Michael Jackson's new single "LOVE NEVER FELT SO GOOD" is out. What was everyone's thoughts on it? Read my review:
  20. Alessandro


    Any Pharrell Williams fans here? I reviewed his new album G I R L if your interested in checking it out.