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  1. Rasha

    Inter - Bologna (20 Dec 23) [Coppa Italia] [1-2]

    Come on, it's not like we were aiming to win tripleta
  2. Rasha

    Yann Bisseck

    Watching this boy play makes me bleed internally
  3. Rasha

    Stefano Sensi

    It was nice seeing him coming in.. brings back some lovely memories
  4. Rasha

    The bullshit thread

    Just came to say hi after million years
  5. Rasha

    Inter - Atalanta (25 Sep 21) [2-2]

    Im on a stupid cruise ship, i dont even have a chance to watch these games.. And internet is so shit here its not even dial up speed. Either way smash these fuckers
  6. Rasha

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    Fabrizio saying inzaghi is coming after all Ah its already here, sry for repeating
  7. Rasha

    Antonio Conte

    I reckon mino is having a fap of his life... Thank you mister, and i hope its not the end
  8. Rasha


    It would last as long as usman wants... So id say no more than half rounds
  9. Rasha

    Inter - Cagliari (11 Apr 21) [1-0]

    I like the line ups
  10. Rasha

    Bologna - Inter (3 Apr 21) [0-1]

    Im afraid of bastoni
  11. Rasha

    Bologna - Inter (3 Apr 21) [0-1]

    Lets go bois... Win would be awesome right now
  12. Rasha

    Inter - Genoa (28 Feb 21) [3-0]

    I think it is time to stop doubting our capabilities Im not saying we will win a title but for love of god do we fans every single game have to be so cancerous
  13. Rasha

    Inter Streams

    any streams fuck sakes
  14. Rasha

    Romelu Lukaku

    I would let him go in a heartbeat... If sacrifice has to be made i think its the best to lose him. Now does that makes sense in terms of our books thats another story.
  15. Rasha

    Inter- Juventus (17 Jan 21) [2-0]

    Barella and bastoni pls stay with us forever
  16. Rasha

    Inter- Juventus (17 Jan 21) [2-0]

    Compared to previous displays vidal did a lot better in girst half, on the other side young is non existent as usual... It scares me a little bit that we disnt convert any of those chances, but lets hope for best
  17. Rasha

    Inter - Napoli (16 Dec 20) [1-0]

    Handa motm and id like to point out again, bastoni is really good with a ball..
  18. Rasha

    Inter - Napoli (16 Dec 20) [1-0]

    Sometimes lukaku looks like he wants to retire from living
  19. Rasha

    Cagliari - Inter (13 Dec 20) [1-3]

    You know how we say here in serbia.. Hope is a whore
  20. Rasha

    Antonio Conte

    Don't we all have them by now?