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  1. Mr-Intermilan

    Antonio Conte

    my bet he wont win the seria a, he didnt do it with inter on first season. second season with napoli,will be sacked.
  2. Mr-Intermilan

    Romelu Lukaku

    beside his owngoal he missed this chance on 2020 and on 2023
  3. Mr-Intermilan

    UEFA Europa League 2023/2024

    they deserved to win the coppa 2 times against juve.[just like napoli did] from my heart i hope they take the cup back to italy. strong talented team.
  4. Mr-Intermilan

    The Suning Commerce Group

    can i have the pleasure of starting OAKTREE thread.
  5. Mr-Intermilan

    Campioni d'Italia 2023/2024

    same here, but he cant manage scraps inter with the current vision can bring players that cna fit in the 352 look at mancity, they managed to fit in the big 4 the same goes for real madrid vision and stability and avoiding the hire and fire. FORZA 20 INTER
  6. Mr-Intermilan

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

  7. Mr-Intermilan

    Marko Arnautovic

    these flops helps us in the pazza inter mentality. i will say we need him since he brought the treble and the second star, iam certain the team will achieve the 21 title + 10th cup.
  8. Mr-Intermilan

    2023/2024 Forwards Rumours Thread lukebakio would be anoption low wage 1.5 + he sounds like lukauko, but a fake one.
  9. Mr-Intermilan

    Juan Cuadrado

    he needs more time to rest, the clinic would be a haunted house after sensi and him leaving the team.
  10. Mr-Intermilan

    Antonio Conte

    conte should calm his ass,cant get away with always running from problems
  11. Mr-Intermilan

    Marcus Thuram

    it sucks if he will leave after one season, kust like HAKIMI. neverthless i would say bring 2 real attacking subs, let him play for another season and then release him. his strength in dribbling and the ability to keep the ball under stress cant be easily replaced.
  12. Mr-Intermilan

    What is your most painful memory of Inter?

    1-2002 season,couldn't believe it when we played like drunks against lazio,pity.the whole season we faced weird performance. 2- 2003 against acmilan CL, the team was so static, couldnt play to score. 3-2020 summer covid season, we were too close to get SERIA title +EL. we lost both the seria...
  13. Mr-Intermilan

    Lautaro Martinez

    not scoring is problematic by all means,he missed 2 chances in CL (Critical),if we had this tight competition we should've fail. the team manged to score through midfielders and defense. having 2 crappy subs adds to this problem.