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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    I don't think we care how young the CB is as long as he plays good enough. If it's going to be another 30+ year old, so be it. I trust them when it comes to CBs (not so much with GKs and Lukaku, but we got lucky so far)
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    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    Sure. But we could still lock somebody for a transfer next summer before some other club does it. I'm sure Inter are thinking about it.
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    The General Inter Stuff Thread

    I disagree with this sentiment. Not all players have the chance to develop on the highest level at the biggest clubs. And not all players are the same. Some go from low pressure clubs to big clubs and don't stay the same player after the transition. Some do. Sometimes the planets just have to...
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    Inter Jections: An Inter Podcast

    Please do a EURO episode "how did Inter players do in the EURO 2024" in about a month
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    Group C

    Eriksen <3
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    Nicolò Barella

    Dude was great against Albania. I wish he played LCM more at Inter
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    nobody said that Joe Mazzula is the best coach in the league but for sure J.Kidd isn't a better coach Mavs played good defence, but what Celtics have is great defence, against the two most talented back court players today. Gotta give props to that.
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    just look at what Kidd was doing in game 3 obviously Joe is the superior coach
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    Does Mourinho's treble team mean any less because he took over Mancini's winning team? You have to be a good coach to still hold the team to a high standard. It's true that ever since the trade (Smart & Williams for Porzingis & Jrue) they have been easily the most dominant team in the league...
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    Still going to be 3-0
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    2024/2025 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Going for Topalović to send him to 5 different loans and then sell him for 0.8m.
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    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Šeško staying at the club
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    Simone Inzaghi

    Hey guys, anybody else want to post the same news from a different source or are we finished now?
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    Marko Arnautovic

    At this point I'd rather have him as fifth choice, if at all. We need one more player, a different type, since Lautaro and Taremi are similar, Thuram is our tricky player with pace, ... I just want somebody who is quality and won't mind sitting on the bench. Obviously I'd love it if Dybala said...
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    Mazzula is a far better coach than Kidd. But also Kyrie is not playing up to his high standard. If he does, it may become a crazy ending to this final
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    FIFA Club World Cup 2025

    Ancelotti never said that. He did have an interview, but those exact words were not said.
  17. wera

    Yann Sommer

    Males shouldn't be jealous, that's a female trait -Jay-Z
  18. wera

    2024/2025 Goalkeepers Rumours Thread

    I'm sure with all these options available, we aren't going for Martinez.
  19. wera

    Mercato Team (Ausilio, Marotta, & Co.) and Strategies

    We have to be debtless and profitable to buy players without selling. I thought that was understandable
  20. wera

    Player Suggestions

    How is he not? He was clutch for both City and Argentina the season they won CL and World Cup. He doesn't have Haalands or Lautaros numbers, but he does look more clutch than both of them when it's really important to score a goal