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  1. lulek

    Inter - Udinese (9 Dec 23) [4-0]

    i have a feeling this one will be a draw. Hope for the best
  2. lulek

    Napoli - Inter (3 Dec 23) [0-3]

    3:1 for napoli. Realistic result
  3. lulek

    Benfica - Inter (29 Nov 23) [3-3]

    I think our bench is still good but as an individuals not a team. Evryone of them can hop in the first team (except bisseck) and be valuable addition to the team. So i dont blame them, its the first time that they are playing together. Ofcourse this is expected.
  4. lulek

    Benfica - Inter (29 Nov 23) [3-3]

    This is really bad. Bisseck currently good enough for serie b or c side. Nothing more than that.
  5. lulek

    Atalanta - Inter (4 Nov 23) [1-2]

    bench dimarco for next 3,4 games pls
  6. lulek

    Inter - Bologna (7 Oct 23) [2-2]

    Inzaghi, please rotate. Just a little bit…
  7. lulek

    Inter - Bologna (7 Oct 23) [2-2]

    3:0, 2x Lautaro,1x Bastoni
  8. lulek

    Inter - Benfica (3 Oct 23) [1-0]

    This guy trubin is the one we signed this summer? I mean sommer
  9. lulek

    Inter - Benfica (3 Oct 23) [1-0]

    Fuckin sake dumfries score something you prick
  10. lulek

    Marko Arnautovic

    More like, we are lautaro or thuram injury from favourite for scudetto to battle for top 4. who cares for sanchez if his contribution to the team is the same as any primavera player. in all departments we have adequate solutions except in attack.
  11. lulek

    Real Sociedad - Inter (20 Sep 23) [1-1]

    Did you guys really think we will not play bad eventually? The only thing i saw from yesterday is that Asllani is not worth Inter shirt right now. We are not a developing club, loan him out and see how he turns out.
  12. lulek

    Real Sociedad - Inter (20 Sep 23) [1-1]

    Lmao Arnautovic, that was really bad. We are gonna win this one 2:3
  13. lulek

    Inter - Milan (16 Sep 23) [5-1]

  14. lulek

    Inter - Milan (16 Sep 23) [5-1]

    Wtffff thuraaaaam what a golasssssoooooooo
  15. lulek

    Inter - Milan (16 Sep 23) [5-1]

    We are missing brozović here, to take the ball out od defense
  16. lulek

    Inter - Milan (16 Sep 23) [5-1]

    2:3 for milan, eventually 2:2 but it will be a really tough one. Sommer will have his first true test today.
  17. lulek

    Inter - Fiorentina (3 Sep 23) [4-0]

    Our midfield is non existent
  18. lulek

    FIF's Dramatic last day of the Mercato - Summer 2023

    FFS it was 9/10 mercato, but wtf is this signing? If they would leave as it is it would be good. I dont understand this at all... he is bad, really bad.
  19. lulek

    2023/2024 Midfielders Rumours Thread

    Whats in it for Sassuolo? I dont see how this deal can go through?
  20. lulek

    Benjamin Pavard

    Was very pesimistic about him coming but here he is. Good luck!