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  1. cloudq

    Oaktree Capital Management

    Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund please
  2. cloudq

    The Suning Commerce Group

    It might have been because Milan sold for 1.2 bil Milan were actually profitable though
  3. cloudq

    The Suning Commerce Group

    They lost Calha, Donnarumma and Kessie on free transfers because they wouldn't pay them, in order to get their books back into the black
  4. cloudq

    The Suning Commerce Group

    Sounds like Oaktree is pissed their shitty loan conditions didn't force Suning to sell
  5. cloudq

    Campioni d'Italia 2023/2024

    Me soaking in the celebrations
  6. cloudq

    Francesco Acerbi

    It's a bit weird that Acerbi's played for almost 2 decades and then out of the blue decides to drop the n word at a black player. I think it's a misunderstanding all round
  7. cloudq

    2023/2024 Goalkeepers Rumours Thread

    Monza is basically the Milan and Inter C teams, so much business between the 3 teams
  8. cloudq

    Inter - Udinese (9 Dec 23) [4-0]

    Autobots obviously
  9. cloudq

    Inter - Udinese (9 Dec 23) [4-0]

    Gonna have Transformers logo instead of the Paramount+ logo against Udinese on Saturday
  10. cloudq

    New Stadium

    Americans sports are the most socialist things ever Whereas in Europe, they're the most capitalist things ever
  11. cloudq

    2023/2024 Forwards Rumours Thread

    He feels like the pure striker version of Marouane Fellaini Calm on the ball, never looks rushed. The physique is similar as well.
  12. cloudq

    Yann Bisseck

    Looks like an opportunity has come for young Yann
  13. cloudq

    Inter's Financial Situation

    Looks like we're suing Zytara Labs/DigitalBits for our pound of flesh
  14. cloudq

    New Stadium

    Such copium
  15. cloudq

    Real Sociedad - Inter (20 Sep 23) [1-1]

    Considering how shit we were, an away point is a win