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  1. Meysam

    Mehdi Taremi

    There is an Iranian speaker here. You guys seem to know nothing about my country. Government and regime are two different concepts here. You can easily criticize the government; it's okay, and even many people who support the regime do that! They criticize the government but say that our regime...
  2. Meysam

    The Suning Commerce Group

    The departure of Suning gonna be the second piece of good news for me this year. Don't get me wrong, Marotta and Inzaghi have done a masterful job despite Suning's poor management. The only thing Suning did right was choosing Marotta and Inzaghi. Whoever is gonna be in charge shouldn't change...
  3. Meysam

    The bullshit thread

  4. Meysam

    2023/2024 Defenders Rumours Thread

    Only ManU were stupid to offer him that much money!
  5. Meysam

    2023/2024 Forwards Rumours Thread

    We need a tall striker who is also a bullet header. Seems we love buying injury-prone and old players who are also terrible in finishing and heading. At least bring a striker who is good in something like dribbling or speed. Seriously, I'm sick of seeing buying strikers like Correa, Arna...
  6. Meysam

    Tajon Buchanan

    He and Cunttrado were only ones who could pass and dribble the defense
  7. Meysam

    Alexis Sanchez

    He came for free and had a better performance compared to Arna. I hope we could keep him as 5th striker if he is ok.
  8. Meysam

    Tajon Buchanan

    His performance against Sassuolo showed progress and we should give him more minutes. I wonder why Inzaghi prefers playing him in the left
  9. Meysam

    Davide Frattesi

    I'm not sure but maybe he doesn't fit for our 352 formation and style of playing i don't know, something doesn't seem right. Maybe he needs more time to develop and adapt to his position or maybe our club is not a right place for him and he should go to a club that suits him more and also to get...
  10. Meysam

    Sassuolo - Inter (4 May 24) [1-0]

    Tbh we chose right approach in this game and there is nothing wrong with rotation. They had only one chance due to Dumbfries´s mistake and scored it while we dominated the match and had a couple of chances but as usual we couldn't convert them. I didn't like 3412 bc we were so bad and it was...
  11. Meysam

    Sassuolo - Inter (4 May 24) [1-0]

    That was on time
  12. Meysam

    Sassuolo - Inter (4 May 24) [1-0]

    Sassuolo got one chance and convert it but we need 10 chances to maybe score one!
  13. Meysam

    Sassuolo - Inter (4 May 24) [1-0]

    Fuck you DumBfries
  14. Meysam

    Sassuolo - Inter (4 May 24) [1-0]

  15. Meysam

    Sassuolo - Inter (4 May 24) [1-0]

    Seems Inazghi has a huge crush on him lol
  16. Meysam

    Sassuolo - Inter (4 May 24) [1-0]

    Glad to see some rotations after all!
  17. Meysam

    The bullshit thread

    Oh man being rejected by a girl is much better than not telling her your feelings. You won't have a regret about that in future and at least you tried! I'm so relieved I said that
  18. Meysam

    Milan Škriniar

    Some people wanted him back in a specific condition so that's in resplonse :)
  19. Meysam

    German Bundesliga 2023/2024

    Bayern environment is so toxic so nobody wants to go there. Before firing Nagelsmann, I used to consider them as one of the best management in the world and thought they should be role model for every club who want to succeed. It's so bizzare their situation imo.
  20. Meysam

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    ManU is a fucking toxic club. They are corrupted and suffering from a extreme mismanagement. They need either reform or revolution based on the problem depth. They've invested a huge money on transfer market and have been paying a huge paycheck without almost any proper result. They need a new...