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  1. phonk

    Tickets to Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

    Just wanted to get your opinion on wether I screwed myself or not. So I bought 2 tickets for our game against Cagliari on viagogo. I have never used viagogo before so I wasn’t aware of what I was getting myself into. So they sent me the e-tickets today, but not for the seats that I paid for, but...
  2. phonk

    Romelu Lukaku

  3. phonk

    André Onana

    Selling Onana after only one season is a crime against humanity. Sell the club and not Onana
  4. phonk

    Romelu Lukaku

    Hall of shame
  5. phonk

    Milan - Inter (10 May 23) [ UCL Semifinal G1 ] [0-2]

    I haven’t seen us play with that much fire in our hearts in a game in a long long time. It was a beautiful thing to see. CL Inzaghi is a whole 'nother monster
  6. phonk

    UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

    Haven’t watched us play in months other than the first Porto game and the Benfica game. Is there any chance we can beat Milan if we make it to the semis? And in case Milan make it to the final, how realistic is it that they win it? I don’t believe in fate but at this point it looks like fucking...
  7. phonk

    Inter - Fiorentina (1 Apr 23) [0-1]

    If we're at the top of our game I think we can snatch a draw here.
  8. phonk

    Stefan de Vrij

    Whoever keeps handing out contract extensions to liabilities like DDA, Dzeko, SDV and so on must be fired asap. Enough is enough. STOP EXTENDING USELESS PLAYERS
  9. phonk

    Antonio Conte

    Conte is never going to return to Inter. There’s no way he’d be able to work with that steaming pile of garbage that we call our squad (because he’s a con artist). He'll never agree to work with a budget of 0€ and we can’t afford his wage demands anyway.
  10. phonk

    Sampdoria - Inter (13 Feb 23) [0-0]

    Hopefully Lukaku can score a goal for once. He used to be so good against these 16th-20th placed teams
  11. phonk

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    And our only 2 bench players that had starting quality (Sanchez and Vidal) are fucking gone
  12. phonk

    Milan - Inter (18 Jan 23) [Supercoppa] [0-3]

    Feels good to nuke these cunts, great job. Inzaghi doubters can eat a dick btw
  13. phonk

    Joaquín Correa

    And yet he still has twice the goal contributions as Lukaku this season
  14. phonk

    Inter - Verona (14 Jan 23) [1-0]

    This game blows
  15. phonk

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    Draw is good, we'll take it. Milan is 9 points from the top now. This is now or never for Napoli, please deny them their 2nd star.
  16. phonk

    Romelu Lukaku

    Hope he remains injured for the rest of the season. Need everything it takes to convince the management not to extend the loan.
  17. phonk

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    Yesterdays game made wish I had a wife and kids so I could take it out on them but now I would give them gentle hugs and kisses
  18. phonk

    Monza - Inter (7 Jan 23) [2-2]

  19. phonk

    Romelu Lukaku

    Embarrassingly bad tonight. The fact that we’re even considering to extend the loan is not only beyond unjustifiably but borderline insanity. He has declined to a slightly quicker Gagliardini at this point. If he outscores Correa this season it’ll only be due to the fact that Correa is dead last...
  20. phonk

    Monza - Inter (7 Jan 23) [2-2]

    I don’t know if it’s just me but there have been a lot of referees in our games that I’ve never seen before this season