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    Inter - Chelsea (24 Feb 10)

    Well TBH, Ancellotti has played his cards. He is going for away goal(s) ... and Jose has read that and put up a very solid 11. So Round 1, Jose V Ancellotti is 1-1. Now we have to see, who can execute their plan better.
  2. 1919

    2009/2010 Midfielders rumours topic

    Motta was the best midfielder of Genoa, Muntari was the best midfielder of Portsmouth and one of the better ones at Udinese, Quaresma was the show-stopper at Porto. And frankly, I dunno how you can say Fellaini is better than Arteta at Everton. As for price, Everton paid 12m for him 2...
  3. 1919

    2009/2010 Midfielders rumours topic

    TBH, Fellaini would be another 'decent' squad player - may be a marginal improvement over Motta. I am not too hopeful about his longball passing abilities and all bcoz Serie A is not England where wingbacks leave acres of space behind them for opponent forwards to exploit. He is not the solution...
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    2009/2010 Goalkeepers rumours topic

    Reserve as in replacing Toldo? or Orlandoni? Scenarios 1. Toldo leaves, wants to play a seaon or 2 before retirement 2. Orlandoni retires, Toldo becomes number 3 (i seriously doubt dat) 3. Orlandoni retires, Casterllazzi becomes number 3
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    2009/2010 Midfielders rumours topic

    Just because we play 3 DMs rite now, does not mean we would like to play with 3DM even if we had an attack-minded CM who can attack. It is the lack of options which is stopping us from doing so. I can very well imagine Sneijder playing in Stan's position and contributing to the attack, plus...
  6. 1919

    Week 25 Forza Inter Prediction League

    18:00 Genoa 1-0 Udinese 20:45 Inter 3-0 Sampdoria :star: Etoo, Milito, Sneijder 15:00 Bologna 1-2 Juventus 15:00 Fiorentina 2-0 Livorno 15:00 Roma 3-1 Catania 15:00 Atalanta 1-0 Chievo 15:00 Cagliari 2-2 Parma 15:00 Palermo 2-1 Lazio 15:00 Siena 1-4 Napoli 20:45 Bari 1-3 Milan 20:45...
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    2009/2010 Midfielders rumours topic

    There has been enough noise about him not playing enough to deduce that he is not happy to sit on the Barca bench.
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    2009/2010 Midfielders rumours topic

    Lets try to be realistic mate. Xavi / Iniesta are untouchable rite now. Somehow, I dont feel Jose may want Fabregas. I say it bcoz i feel Fabregas somehow disappears in the matches when it is more physical - and that is something which is bound to happen in Serie A. Another position I wud be...
  9. 1919

    2009/2010 Forwards rumours topic

    Hmmm ... makes me wonder how many would want to buy a striker with annual wages of 10m? Or for that matter, how many can afford him ... I have my doubts about Chelsea whereas I am very sure Liverpool, ManU or Arsenal will not be able to afford him. So Man City? may be - if they get CL...
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    Inter - Chelsea (24 Feb 10)

    The problem is he is playing too deep to be in a goal-scoring position often. You may argue he is doing so to help the team, but in my book he wud do a bigger favor to the team if he scores a few more goals and force the opposing not play a high defensive line.
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    2009/2010 Defenders rumours topic

    Well .. to put matters into perspective, we paid 15m for Sneijder as well ;)
  12. 1919

    Week 24 Forza Inter Prediction League

    Champions League 16 February 2010 20:45 Milan 2-1 Man utd 20:45 Lyon 1-0 Real 17 February 2010 20:45 Bayern Munich 3-1 Fiorentina
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    Jonathan Biabiany

    I gather you din see the match completely then. He ran rings past Lucio and took an angled shot which JC had to save with his feet - was going in the far post. But, atm lets wait and see for 2-3 seasons on how he turns out to be. He is not something Inter can use immediately. As for our...
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    Week 24 Forza Inter Prediction League

    20:45 Parma 0-2 Inter :star:Pandev, Milito 20:45 Milan 1-0 Udinese 18:00 Roma 3-2 Palermo 20:45 Sampdoria 1-1 Fiorentina 15:00 Catania 1-1 Atalanta 15:00 Juve 1-2 Genoa 15:00 Chievo 1-0 Siena 15:00 Livorno 1-2 Bologna 15:00 Cagliari 0-0 Bari 15:00 Parma 3-1 Lazio 20:45 Napoli 1-4 Inter 20:45...
  15. 1919

    2009/2010 Midfielders rumours topic

    :rollani: Really? I think you need to look up a word called 'aspiration'
  16. 1919

    Amantino Mancini

    +1 :D:D:D
  17. 1919

    Davide Santon

    Well if he develops his physique with time, he can become one. Right now he is not sturdy enough to be a strong CB ... but he has got time on his side.
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    Week 23 Forza Inter Prediction League

    18:00 Palermo 1-1 Parma 20:45 Livorno 1-2 Juve 15:00 Lazio 1-0 Catania 15:00 Atalanta 2-2 Bari 15:00 Siena 1-2 Samp 15:00 Bologna 1-4 Milan 15:00 Genoa 2-0 Chievo 15:00 Inter 2-0 Cagliari :star: Milito, Pandev 15:00 Udinese 1-2 Napoli 20:45 Fiorentina 3-2 Roma 17:00 Chelsea 3-0 Arsenal
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    2009/2010 Midfielders rumours topic

    Still hope we can sign Yaya Toure though. He would be a massive improvement to all our DM (Cambiasso included) and a player who is physical + technical. Yaya Toure + 1 of Hamsik / Gerard / Fabregas and Coutinho in the summer and nobody can stop us.
  20. 1919

    2009/2010 Midfielders rumours topic

    Let him play for Milan. Then we would be able to see if it is Mancini who is trash, or is it Inter who could not use Mancini effectively. But I have to admit he has got a point when he says that he was asaked to stay by Mourinho at the last moments of the summer window - and yet was not given...