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  1. InterFCAustin

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    No they not trash. They only trash vs certain team. They turn around, lay down and lube themselves and demand to be fucked when it comes to Juve. Vs anyone else they fight tooth & nails.
  2. InterFCAustin

    Filip Stanković

    Hmmm…sure that’s one way to look at it. What if inter said take it or leave it , we ain’t raising our fee. That’s not a mistake to me. Thats being smart.
  3. InterFCAustin

    Filip Stanković

    What mistake did the management make with Scamacca?
  4. InterFCAustin

    New Stadium

    And we would be what, FC Inter Rozzano? Lol San Donato is closer to the city than Rozzano is, if I remember correctly. Right next to the Linate airport.
  5. InterFCAustin

    Samir Handanovic

    Wow ok. I honestly don’t remember when’s the last time he saved a pk.
  6. InterFCAustin

    Samir Handanovic

  7. InterFCAustin

    UEFA Europa League 2022/2023

    Why is that?
  8. InterFCAustin

    UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

    Are the tickets for CL final sold on the inter website, or how? I definitely wanna go to Istanbul after missing the 2010 final in Madrid. Anyone has any info how to get tickets? Thanks
  9. InterFCAustin

    Inter Jerseys

    You know that song “Hotel California”? Yup, FIF is exactly like that.
  10. InterFCAustin

    Simone Inzaghi

    In the words of the great Geno Smith, They wrote us off, but we never wrote back!
  11. InterFCAustin

    Kristjan Asllani

    No. If we don’t beat Viktoria at home will cost us, not his miss.
  12. InterFCAustin

    UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

    I’m trying to go to Inter-Barca game, but can’t seem to find tickets anywhere. Does anyone know why, and when I could purchase the tickets? Thanks
  13. InterFCAustin

    Robin Gosens

    I’d take it in a heartbeat. Better to lose him, then Skriniar this late in the transfer window. Cuz we all know if PSG comes with 70mil, Zhang won’t hesitate to offload him.
  14. InterFCAustin

    Alessandro Fontanarosa

    Hmmm ok
  15. InterFCAustin

    Alessandro Fontanarosa

    Not trying to be condescending, but what player that Inzaghi wanted, worked out for us so far?
  16. InterFCAustin

    Francesco Acerbi

    Well, yes and no. If you, or anyone have any knowledge of that being the case, then sure, waste of time/planning. But there also could be a case where Zhang was OK with minimal investment for a young CB, Chalobah or Akanji( resale potential and whatnot), but was on the fence about Acerbi from...
  17. InterFCAustin

    Francesco Acerbi

    Yes i get what it’s for. What do you mean ANYONE? So, just let’s spend money for the sake of spending on old fart that everyone hates? Then, bitch how we don’t give chances to young players? Here’s a chance to give some minutes to a young player, but naaaahhhh let’s bitch about something else...
  18. InterFCAustin

    Francesco Acerbi

    First, ppl bitch and moan they don’t want Acerbi, then Zhang says no to Acerbi, then same ppl bitch and moan about Zhang saying no to Acerbi. For all future psychologist and sociologist out there, come to FIF, it’s perfect case study for early signs of mental retardations and immaturity.
  19. InterFCAustin

    Italian Serie A 2022/2023

    The ones who have won stuff and have a pedigree, yes sure. But loser cowards like Spaletti, Inzaghi, Mazarri, those are the ones who are irritating to listen to when the moan.