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    Italian Serie A 2011/2012

    if us napoli and udinese all tie for third who gets it?
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    2011/2012 Forwards Rumors Thread

    sell pazzo and forlan get balo/rossi and destro and keep zarate or get farfan loan out castaignos balo/rossi,farfan/zarate,milito,destro, pazzini sucks sell him to anzhi for 15 mill
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    2011/2012 Forwards Rumors Thread

    and I think it would be ideal to sign destro back on co-ownership leave him at siena or genoa for another season than bring him back nafter next season and sign balo or rossi this summer and try to sign another wing forward like farfan/zarate if they are cheap and sell sneijder and forlan...
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    2011/2012 Forwards Rumors Thread yea thats smart say no to someone who can do that haha
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    2011/2012 Forwards Rumors Thread

    I said if we can sign zarate for cheap or farfan for free and rossi would be 20 to 25 mill and destro 8 to 12 mill selling maicon,forlan,sneijder=30 to 35 mill
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    2011/2012 Forwards Rumors Thread

    destro and rossi for forward to replace forlan and send castaignos out on loan would be ideal and sign farfan for free or if we could sign zarate for cheaper like 8 to 10 mill milito,destro,pazzo,rossi,zarate/farfan forward line is not bad at all (destro can slowly replace milito)
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    Lecce - Inter (29 Jan 12)

    if we won today he would of equaled mourinho's record for most wins in a row and your telling me hes not good enough of a coach for us ok and then you call alvarez average haha:palm:
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    Luca Caldirola

    kid started and played the full 90 minutes in his first 3 games for them. Good to see hes a walk on started hes obviously a very good talent for the future
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    Daniel Bessa

    why dont we loan him out?
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    Inter - Genoa (Coppa Italia) (19 Jan 12)

    poli has class<3
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    Inter Jerseys 2011/2012

    haha speaking about this top I just recently ordered it like two weeks ago and got it today it in the mail open it up and its actually light. I thought it was the blue heavy top in white but I was wrong too
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    Inter Jerseys 2011/2012

    i have a question but I dont know where to put it, would anyone know where i could get a heavy inter training top? ive looked everywhere but i cant find one. kind of like the blue sweatshirts inter wear at practice. help would be appreciated
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    Mattia Destro

    Why did we ever get rid of this kid? we should sign him back
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    Rene Krhin

    Had a solid cameo yesterday
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    Ricardo Alvarez

    when poli is back --------------sneijder----------- ---alvarez--cambiasso--poli--- CLASS
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    Palermo - Inter (11 Sep 11)

    I think there are a lot of positives from this game 1) now gasp will know 3 man defence is not working(hopefully) 2) alvarez and sneijder and possibly jonathan should be starting 3) obi has a bright future 4) not a positive but zarate will need time to make an impact 5) everyone has to relax...
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    Primavera Transfer Speculation

    Is it official we got tassi? and who is valoti?
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    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    Goalies: Cesar Viviano Castelazzi Orlandoni Center Defenders: Lucio Samuel Ranocchia New Center Back Cordoba Caldirola Outside Backs: Maicon Jonathan Nagatomo Zanetti Santon Midfielders: Cambiasso Motta Poli Stankovic Obi Alvarez Coutinho Sneijder Cristeig Fowards: Forlan Pazzini Milito...
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    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    haha oh jeeze how did that happen:palm: ---------- Post added at 14:01 ---------- Previous post was at 14:00 ---------- something around there, well I was hoping
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    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    -------------------pazzini-------------------- -------------------(milito)------------------ -----eto'o-----------------------alvarez----- ---(castaignos)----------------(pandev)---- --------------------sneijder------------------ -------------------(coutinho)-----------------...