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  1. Puma

    Milan - Inter (22 Apr 24) [1-2]

    Hey Mate, I hope you don't mind, but I have a piece of advice for you: enjoy the moment, revel in the victory and savor the taste of number 20. Do not feel bitter or disappointed about anything because you never know when we will next win a Scudetto. Life and football in particular is fickle...
  2. Puma

    Milan - Inter (22 Apr 24) [1-2]

    Arna can fuck off. He has no business playing in the Derby. His performance in the match against Athletico is all the evidence you need to know that he should only get the final minutes of matches.
  3. Puma

    Milan - Inter (22 Apr 24) [1-2]

    It's great that we are leading but this game should be already out of reach for Milan. Lautaro's and Thuram's missed chances were glaring. They need to be more clinical in front of goal. Let's keep it going guys FORZA INTER!
  4. Puma

    Milan - Inter (22 Apr 24) [1-2]

    Fuckn lets go! FORZA INTER!
  5. Puma

    Lautaro Martinez

    Captain! It's time to put your scoring boots on and lead your team to a Championship! Forza Lauti! Forza Inter!
  6. Puma

    Milan - Inter (22 Apr 24) [1-2]

    Let's get this done! Hoping for a crowning performance worthy of Serie A Champions and a twentieth star. I love each and every one of you! FORZA INTER!
  7. Puma

    Romelu Lukaku

    Personally, I wish he would stop talking about that missed opportunity as it serves as a reminder as to how close we came last season. Undoubtedly, we had a chance to make history and missed out because Lukaku is completely useless. Guardiola's frequent mention of the miss makes me think that he...
  8. Puma

    Juan Cuadrado

    He needs to fuck off as soon as possible. Juventus cut him for good reason. We should not have agreed to bring him to the club.
  9. Puma

    Joaquín Correa

    It will not make a difference. He is shit and Marseille hardly use him. In the offseason, it will be the same old problem for the same shit player: trying to find a team stupid enough to take him off our hands, even if only for a dry loan.
  10. Puma

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    For me, as time passes, the loss to Manchester City in the Champions League final increasingly hurts. It was an opportunity that came unexpectedly and we played really well. With the exception of a certain Belgian that sabotaged our best efforts, the story could have been so different. I am...
  11. Puma

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    Acquiring veteran free agents in the mid-30's is not going to help us with this. It is a huge shortcoming in our game.
  12. Puma

    Milan - Inter (22 Apr 24) [1-2]

    I am glad that a draw is not an option for winning the Scudetto, otherwise Simone may have been tempted to play for a draw or settle for a result. Needing a win to get number 20 forces the team to play for three points. Playing casually is not really an option and our motivation should be high...
  13. Puma

    Denzel Dumfries

    There have also been links to Aston Villa. But Manchester United seem more likely. 30 million would suffice.
  14. Puma

    Denzel Dumfries

    Inter should sell him and find a replacement.
  15. Puma

    Inter Jerseys

    Similar to the way you are overdoing it with your name, tipping your hat to a Spanish no name who barely had an Inter career. I think the jersey initiatives with Paramount have been awesome and I never even watched Star Trek.
  16. Puma

    Udinese - Inter (8 Apr 24) [1-2]

    Samardzic and his dad are fuckn cunts. Being in a relegation battle is exactly what he deserves.
  17. Puma

    Other leagues

    Time to give it up and retire cunt.
  18. Puma

    Francesco Acerbi

    I think it is going to take a long time for Acerbi to be spoken about in terms other than racial abuse. Personally, I do not think it was a good idea for it to be spoken about after the match against Empoli and for staff to say that they were 100% behind the player. Doing so started the fire...
  19. Puma

    Inter - Empoli (1 Apr 24) [2-0]

    It feels like a lot of time has passed since our last game against Napoli. I am really looking forward to putting the international break behind us, getting back to football and trying to let our results do the talking.