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    Forwards Rumours Topic

    Same. Hopefully Vieri stays. He would have still a lot give for Inter, for Martins and even for Adriano. But if he wants to go I'm ready to release him. The club definitely owes a lot to Bobo... And damn guys, the conversation around Bobo's wage, doings and not-doings has been disgraceful...
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    Defenders Rumours Topic

    Ever counted average time players tend to play for one club? If not you should. Have to say than experienced players are extremely under rated also here on FI (like in every web forum). That's is sad and even a bit ignorant in my opinion. And we had better to stick with Favalli. He's good...
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    F.C. Internazionale Milano - Season 04/05 Awards

    01) Goalkeeper of the Season 1)Francesco Toldo 2) To gain two points for Toldo I must vote either Fontana or Carini and then it's Alberto Fontana 02) Defender of the Season 1) Tto be excat nobody deserves this award but since Javier Zanetti was the most consistant as a defender, I must vote...
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    Who do you want to win the title in Italy this year?

    The question is absurd, completely absurd. Scudetto will be won by bastardos hence I don't give a phuck whether the winner is Milan or Juventus. I wish bad luck for both clubs and hope they lose as many points as possible. Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
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    Juventus - Inter

    Juve Juve vaffanculo, Juve Juve vaffanculo, Juve Juve vaffanculo... La Grande Toldone. :star: Long life for Toldo as Inter's nro uno. The gol was awesome. Fantastic play by Miha, Il Martello, Ze Maria and El Jardinero. :star: Bella Inter, Forza Ragazzi! edit. Zlatan, suck Miha's ass...
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    Nerazzurri Finlandesi

    I actually could be. Though my aim has been possible Coppa Italia final. It's a big "if", however, since I will be rather busy entire May. But let's see. Considering the fact that the military service may prevent a trip to Milan next season, it would be much more tempting to go now than wait...
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    Inter's punishment

    In case we are able to keep our 'irreplaceable' players (first and foremost Adriano) I don't think that's a bad thing at all. :P I guess we lost 5-7 million euros because of this issue. It's a major loss, of course, but not going to overturn the club. As I said this might force Inter to...
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    La Curva Nord

    Can't say I agree. The main groups, Boys S.A.N, Viking, Ultras Inter and Irriducibili, (not sure about Brinza Alcoolica though) are still carrying the heritage of 70s and 80s and therefore they still are politically from (far) right. Their relationship to politics may not be as radical as it was...
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    Bologna - Inter

    Inter uno Bologna zero. El Jardinero! FORZA INTER!!!!!!!!!
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    Milan - Inter (EuroDerby II)

    Same, it's going to be very long two hours. Burn in hell, nolonen, burn in hell! FORZA, FORZA, FORZA, FORZA!!!!!!!
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    The Italian player debate

    This quote is taken from Hamed's post in another topic. I would be more than interested and grateful to see the paragraph where I said such a thing. Excatly my point too. edit: Players like Camoranesi and Ailton (even a much worse example) are really a cancer of National team football...
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    The Italian player debate

    Isn't it clear already? Differences in (football) cultures have always been enormous fortune and a target of interest to me. That`s why I would like them stay in football forever. And FIFA`s only motto is to make money as much as ever possible. About non passionate players. I meant to be a bit...
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    The Italian player debate

    Excellent work with line-ups, Fabio! Nothing new to me though. I think you should ask a long term (minimum 25 years) Arsenal supporter(s) to answer to the question. To me that's completely impossible since I have no emotional bands to Azzurri (not even Finland NT can arouse same emoticons...
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    Defenders for the summer market

    Tommi :thumbsup: Agreed with your every point. You really can't compare normal life and sport industry such as football. They are way too different be under same laws. Too bad EU don't get it but, hell, it's nothing new. EU laws and sense meet each other hardly ever. As it has been said s p o...
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    Defenders for the summer market

    Same. I naturally speak only on behalf of my own but I like disciplined, extremely tactical, passionate and still very skillfull football. They are typical characteristics of Italian football, aren't they. You may call it Juve-style football but it's winning football to me. Have to add that...
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    Inter - Porto

    How can one see this match in the web? Give me a link, please... FORZA, FORZA, FORZA, FORZA, FORZA
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    Transfer Rumours Thread

    I have to agree with Milos. Emre has failed to impress in this season when he has been playing. But I, of course, forgive him since Emre has been used by Mancini very irregularly. I'm neither surprised nor pissed. I'm feeling that "now it happened" and "I was right". I'm not even sad because I...
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    Your Top 5 Leagues

    Not really. There is no more than one love to me in the world of football and it's Inter now and forever. I tend to go to Väinölänniemi once or twice in each season but it's just enjoying live football. However, I wish all best for KuPS, of course, but I'm definitely not a fan of them. Finnish...
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    Lazio - Inter

    Excatly. What happens on football pitch doesn't usually have that much impact on relationships betwee ultras. That's the case because ultras are a bit more than football loving people. They have their own rules, habits and all hence they certainly can't be compared to people who are "just"...
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    Inter - Milan

    Though I'm extremely well aware Vieri's record against Milan isn't very good, I must agree with you. Martins is a must and Vieri is in better form than Adriano, so the choice should be rather easy. I have read dozen of times that Mancini is urged to be fair while selecting the squad (not...