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  1. Dogen

    Italian Serie A 2019/2020

    I watched the clip of Filippo Tramontana calling and celebrating Inter's goals during the game against Brescia. Luciano Moggi is still appearing as a guest in their TV program and, judging by the reactions, it looks like he has some kind of feud with Tramontana over Lukaku. Speaking about the...
  2. Dogen

    Brescia - Inter (29 Oct 19) [1-2]

  3. Dogen

    Brescia - Inter (29 Oct 19) [1-2]

    I don't want to overreact after the frustrating outcome of Inter-Parma, but we're playing Brescia away at the end of October. I don't care if we're coming off a remarkable CL win, and if there's nothing we can do to prevent Supermario from scoring the inevitable gol dell'ex and Alfonso from...
  4. Dogen

    Samuele Longo

    Update (before Depor starts the remuntada).
  5. Dogen

    Inter - Borussia Dortmund (23 Oct 19) [2-0]

    A great European night and a textbook 2-0 win, even if against a vain version of Borussia Dortmund. As we have experienced in the last 20 minutes against Sassuolo, there are still plenty of “Inter-ferences” in this J-nter project of genetic engineering conducted by Marotta and Conte. Last night...
  6. Dogen

    Retro Calcio

    I know we shouldn't wish any luck to Swedish teams, given our relatively recent tradition against them, but I wouldn't mind an improbable European resurgence of Goteborg (I blame the shirt). I read Jay-Jay Okocha a few days after the Brazil-Nigeria friendly and it's an automatic throwback to...
  7. Dogen

    Sassuolo - Inter (20 Oct 19) [3-4]

    Inter-Juventus 1-2, Sanchez out for 3 months, Sensi missing a crucial CL game due to an injury relapse. Eupalla works in mysterious ways and I'm naive enough to believe that everything can be a blessing in disguise, but letting out an impressive string of expletives should be the only and...
  8. Dogen

    Inter - Juventus (6 Oct 19) [1-2]

    There's nothing worse than a loss in the Derby d'Italia before the international break, but there's indeed no need to be overdramatic and I want to take a moment to be optimistic, looking at the bright side despite everything. Jnter-Juventus was a cruel remainder of the gap that separates us...
  9. Dogen

    Barcelona - Inter (2 Oct 19) [2-1]

    First of all, what a pity we couldn't capitalize on the masterclass of a first half, but it's been a while since we felt similar sensations watching 45 minutes of an Inter game, all things considered. Second, we've seen from a double perspective the reason why Conte asked for his legionary...
  10. Dogen

    Barcelona - Inter (2 Oct 19) [2-1]

    No matter what happens tonight, I want to take a moment before the game and thank Barcelona-based newspaper “Sport”: I like the narrative and Valverde will breathe a sigh of relief if and when D'Ambrosio starts as RWB. On a slightly less surreal note, our 3 former Blaugrana players (Sanchez...
  11. Dogen

    UEFA Champions League 2019/2020

    Disappointing performance by the Aspirins in Turin, and Havertz looked more of a Ricardo Havertez (Kai Maravilla) than the future Ballon d'Or predicted by Lotharone Matthaus: no big deal and it's all part of the process, but Bayer better do something in Leverkusen. Now it's up to Agent Mario...
  12. Dogen

    Barcelona - Inter (2 Oct 19) [2-1]

    The news via Conte is “Lukaku out for precaution because of a minor thigh discomfort he's been carrying for the last 10 days”. The other news should be “something happened to the mole”, because the Belgian stayed in Milan and apparently not a single journalist knew it or even noticed his...
  13. Dogen

    Italian Serie A 2019/2020

    I'm obviously enjoying the circus at Milan, which comes after months of bold mottos (“head high and play football”, when Giampaolo fell in the journalists' trap and replied without malice to Conte's "head down and pedal") and funny calciomercato rumours (from Ceballos to Modric), but, speaking...
  14. Dogen

    João Mário

    Agent Mario looking alive in the big match against Zenit, at least judging by the highlights (Lokomotiv won 1-0). He also hit the crossbar from a one-two and provided an assist (the goal was then disallowed by VAR because of a previous foul).
  15. Dogen

    Alessandro Bastoni

    Very good debut by Bastoni, with due (Samp-related) proportion. He was given the first opportunity to show what he's got and we were expecting from him (composure, personality, the fact that he's able to play and build from the back with his left foot, but also that he's comfortable when the...
  16. Dogen

    Sampdoria- Inter (28 Sep 19) [1-3]

    Honestly, it's been four months and “No More Pazza Inter” still sounds like the motto of a delusional man (as we were reminded all in a sudden, moments into the second half of a game in which we could and should have been 0-4 after 45 minutes). However, based on the remaining 44 minutes plus...
  17. Dogen

    New Stadium

    Aesthetically speaking, “The Cathedral” looks indeed monumental, a unique project and meaningful attempt to symbolise the city. Almost too much, while “The Rings of Milano” is more standard but feels closer to San Siro (inside), judging by the rendition. I get the two different ideas to...
  18. Dogen

    Inter - Lazio (25 Sep 19) [1-0]

    I would definitely call it a good performance by the team in the second half, when we were able to keep possession, control the game and kinda legitimate the three points, with Sensi on the pitch, Barella stepping up at La Scala del Calcio and getting used to be a pillar in midfield (coitus...
  19. Dogen

    Italian Serie A 2019/2020

    Three unquestionable world-class players have arrived in Italy during the 2019/20 summer mercato. One is in Milan, another in Florence and the third played last night as kicker for Brescia and almost converted from an InterRubinKazan-esque spot in the first half. He should have buried that...
  20. Dogen

    Retro Calcio

    Speaking about European Cup finals (before the “Uefa Champions League” rebranding): Crouch mentions his collection of Samp shirts and how Vialli was his idol from that team including il Mancio, [Popeye] Attilio Lombardo, [lo Zar]...