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  1. Materazzi_23

    South American Leagues

    Does anyone know a broadcaster in Europe were I can watch South-American football? I know of the websites with streams etc so I'm really looking for a broadcoaster.
  2. Materazzi_23

    Inter - Cagliari (14 Apr 24) [2-2]

    Are De Vrij and Bastoni available again for this match?
  3. Materazzi_23

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    Maybe not 1 on 1, but I have the feeling that because children no longer play outside and are so focused on their phone or iPad, interest in sports is decreasing. Or at least the mentality and interest has become completely different. When I was young I didn't have an Xbox or mobile phone, so...
  4. Materazzi_23

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    It is indeed becoming a social problem. In any case, exercise and sports decrease every year. I used to have gym at school 2/3 a week and that was real exercise, so to speak. Nowadays a child should be happy if they have half an hour of gym a week and that they actually exercise. All playgrounds...
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    Other leagues

    Mannn, where do I start? At administrative level it has become an amateur club with only people who are there for their own honor, 2 dramatic transfer summers, the loss of your entire starting team in 2 years and buy players who have nothing to do with Ajax. They don't care if they lose like...
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    Other leagues

  7. Materazzi_23

    Udinese - Inter (8 Apr 24) [1-2]

    And why wouldn't that be possible while at the same time getting the record? And of course the most important thing is that we become champions, but it would be extra nice to get the record number of points and getting in the history books.
  8. Materazzi_23

    Udinese - Inter (8 Apr 24) [1-2]

    We need to win the last 8 games to beat the record of 102 points. Great motivation.
  9. Materazzi_23

    Mario Hermoso Canseco

    It would make sense if Acerbi is leaving. Don't know if he could play in the centre but would be again a great signing on a free transfer just like Zielinski.
  10. Materazzi_23

    Mauro Icardi

    Would hate to see him in a Juve shirt but this guy is earning 10M a season at Gala with 2 years to go after this season? Can't see Juve giving him a similar contract so he would be 1 of the highest earning players. But I think Wanda is just a attention seeking whore who likes to cause controverse.
  11. Materazzi_23

    Stefan de Vrij

    When will he return?
  12. Materazzi_23

    Lautaro Martinez

    Yeah winning something for your country and play yourself into the history books is not something professional athletes take lightly (and rightly so).
  13. Materazzi_23

    2023/2024 Forwards Rumours Thread

    Correa says hello.
  14. Materazzi_23

    Player Suggestions

    One lucky shot. :D I always had a weak spot for him due to his raw talent but I think he just needed another path due to the arrival of Haller which obviously started over him even though even than he had very good numbers and now in the worst Ajax ever? He's the only one who shows talent and...
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    You can also just go to the pub after the match and drink until the first bus leaves in the morning! I like to think in solutions instead of problems.
  16. Materazzi_23

    Francesco Acerbi

    You're right. Cyrus the Great and Darius were peace-loving leaders. :yao:
  17. Materazzi_23

    2023/2024 Defenders Rumours Thread

    And he is on a 340.000 salary a week, no way we can or should pay him that kind of money.
  18. Materazzi_23

    Player Suggestions

    Brobbey from Ajax would be the perfect fit for this system en the movements of the team. Strong, quite fast and can score a goal. Although he can't score from headers even if his life depends on it. Gimenez of Feyenoord would be to expensive I'm afraid @RotterdamNerazzurri
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    Atletico Madrid - Inter (13 Mar 24) [2-1]

    The biggest problem was that we played our worst game against an Atletico who played their best game this season according to the media. And we still made it to penalties and missed the best chances of the match. Every team sometimes plays one or more worse games in a season, unfortunately we...
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    Atletico Madrid - Inter (13 Mar 24) [2-1]

    Ffs de vrij you need to close depot down you cunt