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  1. Lionheart

    Preseason 2021/22

  2. Lionheart

    Preseason 2021/22

    Dalbert and Nainggolan playing :') Shit you can't make up. Biggest Yao Ming in a while :yao:
  3. Lionheart

    Inter WhatsApp Group

    You need your phone to log in the first time
  4. Lionheart

    Stefano Sensi

    Just came here to say that if this twat wasn't such a pussy, he would've had a European title under his belt now. Got reminded of a few months back when he posted a clip of him squatting with weights and shit. Fucking cunt, who're you trying to fool? Get your fucking act together.
  5. Lionheart

    Inter WhatsApp Group

    Man... I so wanna be in the group right now... 😞
  6. Lionheart

    Final: Italy - England

    It's amazing how far this Italy has come with literally no stars. Just how easier everything would've been if they had a Luca Toni up front for example
  7. Lionheart

    Final: Italy - England

    I don't see how Italy can turn this around. Completely toothless and non-existent.
  8. Lionheart

    Final: Italy - England

    Italy wants to pull a pazza Inter tonight...
  9. Lionheart

    Inter WhatsApp Group

    I'm sure y'all faggots are asking yourselves by now "Damn, where's Dara? He hasn't said shit for a while". Well... long story short, I took my alleged waterproof phone (Note 9) in the sea to film some fishys, and it got fucked up. So I don't have a phone no' mo'. I know... tough shit. I'll be...
  10. Lionheart

    Inter WhatsApp Group

    Pajo is jealous and afraid. He has never said a single word since joining. The Whatsapp group is boss, specially during matches. We all pull out our Ds when we score to express our happenis. There's a strong brotherly love in dat group.
  11. Lionheart

    Benevento - Inter (30 Sep 20) [2-5]

    Antonio Conte: the winner of matches, the scudetto contender, the silky haired, the fucker of Inzaghis But I don't know man, we gotta figure this defense shit out. Can't outscore everyone all the time.
  12. Lionheart

    Antonio Candreva

    Our 3rd top goalscorer of the season (behind Lukaku and Lautaro) gone. Thank you for all you've done. Your goal against Lecce is one of the best goals we scored this decade, right next to Deki's volley.
  13. Lionheart

    XII Paladins: Prologue

    Support our fella here, you talentless fucks. It will only take you 1 click. Forza Ozzy, forza Zoro
  14. Lionheart

    Antonio Conte

    I just came here to say that seeing how Conte is shaping Inter, it has become obvious to me that he's tryina build Noah's Ark: He's taking two from each nationality, hoping they'll pair up and mate, probably in front of Bojan: Belgium: Lukaku/Nainggolan Chile: Sanchez/Vidal...
  15. Lionheart

    Stefano Sensi

    This speaks volumes. Well done keeping up the spirit. So from a different angle, a dude was diagnosed with cancer and managed to heal and get back on track, while at the same time Stefano fucking Sensi is still outta the team for some unknown fucking reason. Jesus Christ I mean... is it worse...
  16. Lionheart

    Inter - Shakhtar Donetsk (17 Aug 20) [5-0]

    Not sure tbh. Guess the favorites are still the team that went into the final and won it 5/5. Now they going for the 6th. I have a weird feeling about this game, and the weird feeling is not knowing how to feel.
  17. Lionheart

    Alexis Sanchez

    Finally a worthy number 7 after a Figo, putting an end on the decade-long curse of the shirt :proud: Grande Sanchez. Should've joined us after Udine, tbh.
  18. Lionheart

    Radja Nainggolan

    So the season is over. What's the update on this dude? Has he packed his bags yet, coming back to Milan and training with the team? Come on, son.
  19. Lionheart

    Perpetual Managers Rumours Thread

    I would've locked this thread until further notice tbh. Not sure why we should entertain this bullshit around a new coach even more. Fuck your freedom of speech :work:
  20. Lionheart

    Piero Ausilio

    The mule and the mole at the same time? :lol: