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  1. Handoyo

    Anime, Manga, and other Comics

    HxH anime is one of the best I've ever watched. And I've watched like...way too many lol. I do understand that the ending of the longest arc is extremely controversial but I absolutely loved it. I even shed a tear for it. Demon Slayer is nothing out of this world but for me it's just a real...
  2. Handoyo

    Migration Complete

    Vas is a true Greek God. He basically did this whole thing single-handedly. Everybody take a bow!
  3. Handoyo


    Chris Paul, ageing like fine wine. :star: Such a Goddamn shame that Irving & Harden are both injured. I just want some full power basketball dammit!
  4. Handoyo

    Antonio Conte

    Can't believe the poll is this close tbh. But just to remind everyone, FPC or LGI is strictly a popularity contest. Respect the opinion of others and do not bitch about it.
  5. Handoyo

    Antonio Conte

    Poll added... Grazie Mister. It's hard to like and vouch for him because of his Juve past but the past is the past. You brought us the Scudetto after 11 years and thank you for that.
  6. Handoyo

    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    Last chance fucking saloon for Mourinho. The last time he win something meaningful was actually wayyy back in 2015, the EPL with Chelsea. Regardless of him trying to upsell his achievement in United because of the internal chaos there, I still consider his stint there as a failure. And his Spurs...
  7. Handoyo

    Alessandro Bastoni

    Better him as a future captain that Barella tbh
  8. Handoyo

    Esteban "Il Cuchu" Cambiasso

    Probably my 2nd most favorite Inter player ever. Was pleasantly surprised he was in Milano to celebrate. :proud:
  9. Handoyo

    Campioni d'Italia 2020/2021

    CAMPIONI D'ITALIA 2020/2021!!! :proud::cry::proud::cry::proud::cry: After 11 years of heartbreak and banter era, we're back on top boys Thank you to all the players Thank you Conte and the coaches Thank you Marrotta and all the management Thank you Zhangs Football is finally good again...
  10. Handoyo

    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    I just don't know how Mourinho's career can recover from his past 2 stints. I do not think there will be any big clubs who would give him another chance, after such mediocre spells. Maybe some CL-qualifying chasing clubs would but there might not even be a CL anymore it seems. :D Hopefully he...
  11. Handoyo

    Inter - Cagliari (11 Apr 21) [1-0]

    PREACH! Comparing last season to this one is very appropriate here, precisely for the exact reason you mentioned.
  12. Handoyo

    Antonio Conte

    Doubt it. Conte celebrates that way just because he's a professional, not because he's an Interista or one of us. But that doesn't fucking matter. As long as he wins for us, it doesn't matter if he's a Juventino.
  13. Handoyo

    Spanish Primera Liga 2019/2020

    If Zidane were our coach, we'd probably be calling for his head too :lol: What a race for the La Liga this season. Obviously I have a soft spot for our ex-player, Simeone, but as long as it's entertaining like this, I'm happy too.
  14. Handoyo

    Antonio Conte

    Have not watched the game (superstition reasons) but looking at the goal, it's something that Conte has always impressed me ever since his Juve days. The way his team attack at times is just so organized/skirmished. It looks like a goal straight out of a training ground sessions. It's not just...
  15. Handoyo


    That FT miss is hilarious though :lol: Curry with another carry job. I hope they can squeeze through to the playoff somehow.
  16. Handoyo

    Antonio Conte

    Time to sack this guy. 11 straight stupid wins. Allegri would have made us won 110 straight scoring 1000 goals in the process. smdh
  17. Handoyo

    Video Games

    Thanks spork. I just paid for IDM before reading your post. It was recommended by other friends. I used to have it before and tried to bootleg it again but failed for some reason so in the I decided to fuck it and bought it. :facepalm: But anyways, thanks for your reply. :) With regards for the...
  18. Handoyo


    Couldn't care less, he's probably my least favorite ESPN panelist. KPerk talks a lot of shit but I love the way he laughs.
  19. Handoyo

    Antonio Conte

    I completely agree. Which is why I said I like Conte's explanation in the post-match. This season, there are only 9 matches left to be played. There is no longer any need to build or develop any football style anymore. Just grind it out and secure the Scudetto which is in our grasp. At the...