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  1. Irequis

    Lautaro Martinez

    Our first goal was Lautaro the creator. He knew when to drop deep and provided a defence-splitting pass to the space he left. The second goal was Lautaro the goal scorer out of nowhere. At the moment, no one thought it was a step away from a goal, but Lautaro managed to sneak a venom through the...
  2. Irequis

    Denzel Dumfries

    It is the same like people saying Barella could be our RWB because he often patrols at our right flank :lol: Of course there is a world of difference between a RWB and a CM who moves to right wing area. Bisseck should just focus on RCB or maybe CCB. Can't imagine a 196 cm guy must run the wings...
  3. Irequis

    Lecce - Inter (25 Feb 2024) [0-4]

    We will end up running our players to ground if we overworry about every middle/lower table club. On paper, we could still beat Lecce even with Audero, Bisseck, and Asllani. With the current gap with rube and the Atleti fixture looms ahead, Lecce is a nice game to play our rotational players.
  4. Irequis

    Marko Arnautovic

    He reminds me of Dzeko. He was actively involved in the play but one would wonder if he ever practiced shooting in his career. Twice he did screw up a simple finishing from the neat team moves and he almost cocked up the goal. It was an unconvincing shot for an empty net and it was barely...
  5. Irequis

    Inter - Atlético Madrid (20 Feb 24) [1-0]

    The first thing comes to mind is how on earth both team played with the blue shade jerseys? It is appaling that both teams have a contrasting primary home jerseys yet Atleti played with blue as well:palm: We established our dominance here. Not just a sterile possession dominance but we created...
  6. Irequis

    Matteo Darmian

    He is done playing RWB. The position is physically demanding for a 34 years old and we don't have sufficient offensive output whenever Darmian plays there. Lino skinned him too easily, we were lucky to get away thanks to the poor shooting. Darmian's role is a backup for Pavard and an emergency...
  7. Irequis

    Antonio Conte

    Conte vs Hoeness is more entertaining than the peak Game of Thrones. The first drama might explode when conte requests to buy lakaka and Victor Moses.
  8. Irequis

    Benjamin Pavard

    Perhaps his worst performance so far, but it is harsh to totally blame him for both goals. The first goal looked like he lost the player he ought to mark, but it could be a communication issue. For the second goal, there was no way he could block the shot, but his positioning and urgency were...
  9. Irequis

    Yann Sommer

    It is amazing how clean and smooth his goalkeeping is. He reminds me of Casillas. Both of them are not physically gifted, but they totally make it up with their technique and composure.
  10. Irequis

    Jonathan Moreira

    It surely is jonachan. Correa has a glimpse of talent, it is just we overpaid for someone with a weak mentality. Forlan was also a reputable striker, alas it didn't work for us. Meanwhile, Jonachan (and Schelotto) had no business in the top football pyramid. I have never seen someone being so...
  11. Irequis

    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    He should take a breather for a while, step back, clear up his mind, and update his coaching method. Roma are currently sitting at 9th while they are third in the payroll. Bologna, Fiorentina, Atalanta, and Lazio are above them although they have less reputable players. And Mourinho doesn't show...
  12. Irequis

    Inter - Lazio (19 Jan 24) [Supercoppa] [3-0]

    If we win, we will play again 3 days later on 23 January. I would suggest playing the best team against Lazio since we will play a league match 1 week after. If we reach the final, I don't care if we field U-15 team as long as we have an enough preparation for the Fiorentina match on 28 January.
  13. Irequis

    Davide Frattesi

    Just compare his response to the shot with our forwards. Alexis couldn't time his run so it would be offside. Arna was thinking about which geriatric clinic he should visit. Even Lautaro did not react like Frattesi, but he was too tired carrying our attack so I let it slides. Meanwhile, Frattesi...
  14. Irequis

    Alessandro Bastoni

    You can defend Inter while being objective. Bastoni elbowed the Verona player. He looked at the latter and moved his elbow. I won't bother to dissect it frame per frame to prove if it is elbow or shoulder, but either way you cannot do it in a football match especially where the ball is nowhere...
  15. Irequis

    Inter - Verona (6 Jan 24) [2-1]

    The first thing that stood out was the appalling officiating. The whole referees team were idiot to neglect Bastoni's elbow before Frattesi's goal. It seemed they realized they screwed up so they tried to made it up by awarding a non-existence penalty for Verona. Their horrid performance can...
  16. Irequis

    Inter - Verona (6 Jan 24) [2-1]

    It is rare we can play only once a week throughout a month. Just keep unleashing our best 11 for these matches. Nine points in the league and the Super Cup trophy are the target.
  17. Irequis

    European Super League Discussion

    Eating caviar every day will make you puke eventually. The thrill of big match will be lost when every week is a big match. Remember 6 el clasicos in 2011 between Barca and Madrid (cmiiw about the figures)? It was exciting at first, but no one gives a shit anymore in the end. Super league is a...
  18. Irequis

    Inter - Bologna (20 Dec 23) [Coppa Italia] [1-2]

    I have no problem in losing Coppa to Bologna. I do have big problems to see Bastoni played for 75 minutes, Lautaro 99 minutes and Darmian for freaking 120 minutes. Moreover, Thuram, Barella, and Dimarco played approximately 45 minutes here too when our squad is depleted and we have a tight...
  19. Irequis

    Stefano Sensi

    Moderators should autoban whoever breath "if sensi is healthy". This pleb is a waste of space in the squad for years. For the first Bologna goal, perhaps he realized he forgot to save his Fortnite game so he switched off while his teammates defended. And the second one is infuriating. He was...
  20. Irequis

    Inter - Bologna (20 Dec 23) [Coppa Italia] [1-2]

    Acerbi, Bastoni, Darmian, and Lautaro do not need to spend a single minute on this game. Anyone from our starters should just sit tight on the bench drinking warm chocolate. I do not care if Inzaghi plays a bunch of youngsters in their place. We already have enough Coppa trophies in our...