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  1. shingayi

    Frank de Boer

    You can see a hand of a good coach quite quickly (look Sarri at Napoli, Garcia at Roma when he took charge, Spalletti at Roma last season, Conte at Juve 11-12), so if de Boer has something interesting to implement (I strongly believe he does) we will see that sooner than later. Maybe we won't...
  2. shingayi

    Mauro Icardi

    Sad to say for me, but I have a feeling Maurito is going to have a problem with de Boer philosophy. I guess the striker in Dutchman tactics has to be much more lively, have more ball contacts and be involved into gameplay. Being a poacher with excellent finishing won't be enough.
  3. shingayi

    Inter Pre-season 2016/2017

    Wow... Judgements after 4 days and 1 friendly with a new coach... against Celtic B... :oblivious: *** Post-match notes: OK Banega, K-Dog, Perisic, Miranda, Candreva D'Ambrosio and Ranocchia are fucking useless piece of shit. Morale up, zero excitement. Heads down and keep working...
  4. shingayi

    Inter - Juventus (18 Oct 15) [0-0]

    We also have overrated coach, average Melo who looked good only at the beginning, Guarin who plays 1 good ball and ruins 3 others, Icardi who doesn't help and is useless in build-up play, Perisic out of his favourite role who plays good only for Croatia, bla bla bla... Facts: best defence in...
  5. shingayi

    Euro 2016 Qualifiers

    Thanks Slovenia for ruining my bet. Not able to beat Lithuania at home :palm: How is that possible so many Slovenians play in Serie A? Fucking incredible.
  6. shingayi

    Roberto Mancini

    Who was jizzing? I'm very concious of our weakness, but against Atalanta we haven't conceded a single shot on target and dominated the whole game despite the fact that formation and squad was retarded (just like against Carpi) - Brozo AMC, fullbacks unable to cross, no Icardi, Palacio being in...
  7. shingayi

    Roberto Mancini

    Yeah, sure. #CrisiInter #ManciniVattene Just because we lost to fucking Lecco with D'Ambrosio and Santon as CB's. Carpi won over Shakthar, Bayern has lost to Regensburg, and some people are still drawing conclusions of friendlies :lol:
  8. shingayi

    Inter Preseason 2015/2016

    Longo > Palacio
  9. shingayi

    Inter Preseason 2015/2016

    Handanović is a fucking retard, why offer this guy a contract extension, he's useless except penalty saving
  10. shingayi

    Stevan Jovetić

    And guess who liked this photo...
  11. shingayi

    Inter Preseason 2015/2016

    Nagatomo hasn't delivered as many good crosses in his whole Inter career as Dimarco did today.
  12. shingayi

    Inter Preseason 2015/2016

    No matter how shitty Hernanes looks sometimes, how lazy movements he has, his set pieces are outstanding.
  13. shingayi

    Inter Preseason 2015/2016

    Dimarco looks promising...
  14. shingayi

    Inter Preseason 2015/2016

    Can someone tell me why we're trying to kick out Shaqiri and instead keep Hernanes in the squad?
  15. shingayi

    Ivan Perišić

    Fuck Perisic, the guy isn't fast, average dribbler at best, doesn't score a lot, the worst option from all the names we're being linked to.
  16. shingayi

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    No, the two of Salah/Cuadrado/Jovetic/Perisic/Mertens will arrive, so chill out a little.
  17. shingayi

    Mateo Kovačić

    Why not Ranocchia, Nagatomo, D'Ambrosio, Guarin, Kuzmanovic, Obi, Schelotto... #SaveKovacic Anyway, sad to say, but Kova is going to be sold. Not only for economical reasons, but also because of the fact that Mancini is fucking obsessed with midfield full of hard working, muscular all-rounders...
  18. shingayi

    Geoffrey Kondogbia

  19. shingayi

    Geoffrey Kondogbia

    I'd say Ronaldo below Kondogbia is an ideal example of how crazy transfermarket became...
  20. shingayi

    Geoffrey Kondogbia

    Kondogbia is the 3rd highest transfer in Inter's history and the only one from TOP 10 not made by Moratti.