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  1. Il Drago

    Hello from an old inter supporter

    Welcome. How do you feel about the news regarding Nainggolan? Must be pretty big for the league.
  2. Il Drago

    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    Mourinho gave an interview in Portuguese after Roma game because as he said his Italian aren't good enough to express himself :lol:
  3. Il Drago

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    What do you expect from gobbi? We're talking about people who till this day refuse to accept Calciopoli ever happened and they believe Moggi was a victim, everything was orchestrated by Moratti and Facchetti was the one controlling refs. The best thing is they claim Marotta controls the league...
  4. Il Drago

    Napoli - Inter (3 Dec 23) [0-3]

    Yeah. That's true. Before our win in Conte's first season (1-3 win, Lukaku doppietta and Lautaro) the last time we had won at San Paolo was with Ronaldo.
  5. Il Drago

    Valentín Carboni

    Agreed but we're in Italy. It isn't so easy to find a club that will start an 18th year old they don't even own unless he's a generational talent. Anyway, this is a totally hypothetical discussion. Inter never saw Carboni as something more than a 5th option in attack so staying at Inter was...
  6. Il Drago

    German Bundesliga 2023/2024

    Entertaining match in Leverkusen between hosts Bayer and Dortmund. BVB ahead 1-0 at half time but Leverkusen are by far the better side. This is a real test for Die Werkself if they want to challenge Bayern for the title.
  7. Il Drago

    Valentín Carboni

    That's what i mean. Carboni getting 2022/23 Asllani minutes would be a good way to develop him. Asllani had to wait till he was 20 to get minutes at pro level. Pro minutes >>>> Primavera minutes
  8. Il Drago

    Valentín Carboni

    At 18 (and at 19) Asllani was still playing for Empoli primavera. So Carboni getting Asllani minutes at 18 wouldn't be bad at all. Also Asllani's playing time last season wasn't as bad as people want to believe. He still ended up with over 800 minutes. It would be massive for Carboni to get...
  9. Il Drago

    Euro 2024 Qualifiers

    If we don't fuck it up in Play Off i like our chances in the group. Also having a Greece-Turkey matchup in Germany would be epic :D
  10. Il Drago

    Stefano Sensi

    The narrative that they don't play him because he has an expiring contract is bs. They kept playing Vecino and Gagliardini till the last day. They don't play him because they don't trust his fitness.
  11. Il Drago

    The bullshit thread

    Sadly i joined too late to enjoy peak banter era transfer threads but one of my favorite moments was forum meltdown when we missed on Schick.
  12. Il Drago

    Inter's Financial Situation

    This has become the Lavezzi of ownership
  13. Il Drago

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    Say whatever you want about his style but Allegri fighting for Scudetto with this Juve squad is impressive.
  14. Il Drago

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    It wouldn't change a thing. They would still spread the same bs.
  15. Il Drago

    English Premier League 2023/2024

    Ten Hag warned Man Utd sack is coming over ‘liability’ Andre Onana as replacement in goal is considered Erik ten Hag has been told that he is putting himself in increasing danger of the sack at Manchester United by persisting with Andre Onana in goal, with the big summer signing from Inter Milan...
  16. Il Drago


    I don't mind historical aspect. I didn't expect to watch a documentary of sorts. But movie focused almost entirely on his relationship with Josephine and how it affected his life. There was even a Napoleon poster outside theater with the title "The world, for Josephine". For a movie called...
  17. Il Drago

    Kristjan Asllani

    Asllani started playing at Empoli only when Ricci was sold to Torino. He came to Inter with just 6 months experience at any pro level (not just Serie A). When you signed him you should have known you're getting a promising but raw kid that needs development.
  18. Il Drago


    Just came home from watching Napoleon and i am afraid i have to agree with critics. I didn't hate it but i expected a lot more. Left the theater underwhelmed.
  19. Il Drago

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    PSG are garbage because they don't have a real project. They don't sign players based on what they need. They just buy names and expect them to play well together. Well it doesn't work like that.
  20. Il Drago

    Antonio Conte

    We also had Lukaku, Lautaro, Barella, Brozovic, Bastoni, peak De Vrij, Sanchez. Sure he can make mediocre players look good in his system but he still needs difference makers and i don't see many in this Juve. They're gonna need a midfield overhaul to play Conte ball.