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  1. varmin

    Christian Eriksen

    🚨 Manchester United are willing to sell 31-year-old Christian Eriksen in the January transfer window. (Source: Football Insider)
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    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    People keep repeating this since their robbery against Bologna, and Jube keep winning with 1 goal difference.
  3. varmin

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    Jube are so disgusting this season. Awful football, lucky late goals, refs gifted them a point against Bologna, and the other team waste great chances vs them.
  4. varmin

    2023/2024 Defenders Rumours Thread

    I saw that City want 25mln for Cancelo. I know that his salary is big, but it we can sell Dumbfries and replace him with Cancelo, I'd be satisfied. He is currently on loan at Barca and they want to keep him, but they want to reduce these 25mln as well. So, there is a chance.
  5. varmin

    Denzel Dumfries

    Which games? I don't recall even a one.
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    Inter - Udinese (9 Dec 23)

    Atalanta are like Sassuolo at the moment. They can beat a favorite and then to lose against some bottom team. Milan are in not their best right now.
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    Lautaro Martinez

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    Your REALISTIC Inter squad or line-up

    No need to replace all of them at once. Mkhitaryan, Arnautivic and Darmian will be available for one more season. Acerbi and Sommer will stay as well. We have to replace only Cuntdrado and Sanchez for the next season.
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    Inter - Udinese (9 Dec 23)

    Biasin plays mind games before the match. Now, Udinese's coach will believe that Frattesi won't play as RWB, and he will be surprised when that really happens.
  10. varmin

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu

    I won't be surprised if they pay the money. EPL clubs are crazy. But Hakan will reject them for sure. How we will replace him though, if somehow that move happens? Amrabat? Asllani is too young, we need an experienced name there.
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    Coppa Italia 2023/24

    Fiorentina are losing from Parma for now, so if we beat Bologna somehow, the next round should be easier. ...... I jinxed it. It's 2-2 now.
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    Napoli - Inter (3 Dec 23) [0-3]

    As I've already said Lobotka didn't have the possession, so here is the official decision
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    Davide Frattesi

    Inzaghi maybe has an account here :) I think it's worth trying. Frattesi is solid physical, and good in tackling. He would be better in counter attacking than Dumfries, because he can runs with the ball in his feet. I'm not sure how he will defend close to our penalty area though. But it's not...
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    Lautaro Martinez

    🚨 Lautaro Martínez is expected to extend his contract with Inter soon. ✍️⚫️🔵 Contract until 2028. Salary of €7M/year. 💰 (Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport)
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    Inter - Udinese (9 Dec 23)

    Someone is salty
  16. varmin

    Denzel Dumfries

    I was wondering if Frattesi can take Dumfries spot temporarily? He seems better siut for there than Bisseck.
  17. varmin

    European Transfers & Rumours Topic

    Lol Man U
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    Napoli - Inter (3 Dec 23) [0-3]

    Yes, you can foul whoever you want, but I'm commenting that particular situation where his 'foul' does not affect the outcome and the flow of the match at all. This kind of grabbing, pulling, pushing is happening in every corner.and in numerous other situations where players are in close...
  19. varmin

    Giovanni Fabbian

    Is it expensive? I think is around 12-15mln.
  20. varmin

    Inter - Udinese (9 Dec 23)

    Is SDV available? I'd start Sommer - Cuntdrado - Bisseck - Acerbi - Augusto - Dimarco - Asllani - Frattesi - Mkhitaryan - Thuram - Arna