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  1. Gane

    Inter Jerseys

    My favourite 80s cartoon, love it. Til all are one :D
  2. Gane

    Napoli - Inter (3 Dec 23) [0-3]

    What a gift for birthday, grazie ragazzi.
  3. Gane

    Euro 2024 Qualifiers

    We have strength of Gospa from Međugorje, dont worry :D Jokes aside games against Italy are always the most thrilling, exciting for me. I'm glad we got them instead of Serbia or Ukraine from pot 4 for example.
  4. Gane

    Italian Serie A 2023/2024

    Mourinhos Inter player that went to Roma, must be Santon. But how stupid you must be, you have all the money in the world and you need to do shady shit like this 🤣
  5. Gane

    Inter - Benfica (3 Oct 23) [1-0]

    I felt he was gonna call faul by Lauti there.
  6. Gane

    Empoli - Inter (24 Sep 23) [0-1]

    I hate these 12:30 games, they either ruin or make your sunday great.
  7. Gane

    Real Sociedad - Inter (20 Sep 23) [1-1]

    Troll point, at least we know Arnautovic and Aslani are not a first team material for CL.
  8. Gane

    Inter - Milan (16 Sep 23) [5-1]

    Miki Miki Miki Milan killer
  9. Gane

    Inter - Milan (16 Sep 23) [5-1]

    What a screamer.
  10. Gane

    Inter - Milan (16 Sep 23) [5-1]

    Should have been 2
  11. Gane

    Television [STRICTLY NO SPOILERS!]

    Well now i'll have to watch it since i've finished tv show and really liked it :D
  12. Gane

    Inter - Fiorentina (3 Sep 23) [4-0]

    I want video/gif of that celebration after Hakan goal :D
  13. Gane

    Television [STRICTLY NO SPOILERS!]

    Lately I can hardly make my self read something, my brother has crunchyroll account so when i'm bored i hop there and watch some anime, i started One Piece couple of months ago but stopped for some reason, cant remember why. I think i'll try to look at those One Pace episodes and watch it like that.
  14. Gane

    Television [STRICTLY NO SPOILERS!]

    I never really watched One Piece anime only couple of episodes but tv show is great, i'm on episode 5 and i'm thinking about starting anime after the show :lol:
  15. Gane

    UEFA Champions League 2023/2024

    Pls no more Barca or Real in group stage, i want something new. Give us PSG.
  16. Gane

    Benjamin Pavard

    Is there end to this suffering.
  17. Gane

    Television [STRICTLY NO SPOILERS!]

    Sweet tooth is actually one of the highlights of the show for me, he's voiced by Will Arnett and it works with Samoa Joe doing the rest of the job. There are also bunch of others characters and cars straight from games, but i wont spoil for the guys that wanna watch the show.
  18. Gane

    Television [STRICTLY NO SPOILERS!]

    Watched 5 or 6 episodes and i like it, feel like it's a prequel to a real thing, lots of easter eggs so i hope they make season 2.
  19. Gane

    Benjamin Pavard

    The bad news is Bonucci isnt
  20. Gane

    Lazar Samardžić

    Why is he such a cuck, tell the father to fuck off and sign if you want.