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  1. cozzi

    New Stadium

    San mean Saint in Italian. Its a bit like St James' Park at Newcastle. So San Siro is just some old holy Italian bloke
  2. cozzi

    Liverpool - Inter (19 Feb 08)

    Cannot wait for this match!!! My bro is a major Reds fan so we are going try everything to get tickets for both these matches. Its going to be a classic - i think both teams are very evenly matched. Stevey G is just legendary, and so is my main man Crouchy. Never underestimate Liverpool. They...
  3. cozzi

    Champions League 2007/2008 Knockout phase

    I would pick Arsenal. If Cesc is missing we will tear them apart. Want to avoid Liverpool - they get so lucky in europe and i can see us loosing on away goals to them. Dont want Celtic but for other reasons!!!
  4. cozzi

    English Premiership 2007/2008

    I hope everyone is ready for Grand Slam Sunday!!! Liverpool v Man Utd Arsenal v Chelsea
  5. cozzi

    World Cup 2010 Qualifying

    I just dont know where to start with you Shaz :D :D
  6. cozzi

    Champions League 2007/2008 Group stages

    What do people think will happen in the Barcelona group. If you dont know its Rangers v Lyon, and Lyon must win otherwise they will go out. Its the stand out game tonight (apart from our one) and i have no idea whats going to happen but i think it will be a great match. I hate Rangers very much...
  7. cozzi

    Turks want our CL win cancelled due to centenary jersey...

    haha yeah you are probably right :lol: :rolleyes:
  8. cozzi

    Turks want our CL win cancelled due to centenary jersey...

    Maybe we should ban all stripes, crosses hoopes and every other patterns and only play in one colour so we dont offend the turks. What a piss take
  9. cozzi

    "Lost" players

    Great topic Yuko!!! I think Vampeta was the worst footballer i have ever seen in my life!! I bet he has probably retired now. I wonder what Ciril Domoraud is now. How we bought a player of this 'quality' still amazes me to this day. You would have though we would have a top class scouting network
  10. cozzi

    Christian Vieri

    Still all this negative comments towards Vieri. The man was a genious 123 goals for us is just incredible. Some people give his abuse for joining Milan, but what is he suposed to do just sit at home and do sod all?? And dont forget we did not look after him as well as we should have. Vieri...
  11. cozzi

    Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather Jr. vs. Ricky "Hitman" Hatton

    Way to close to call this fight - cant wait for Sat and hopefully The Hitman will teach Mayweather a lesson or two
  12. cozzi

    Footballers Wives and Girlfriends

    I think Chivu is going to marry this bird now - i heard they got engaged after the Fenerbache match
  13. cozzi

    Hi Celtic fan here. I will be going to the Inter v Lazio game December 5th

    Whoooo c'mon the hoops!!!! Cant wait for the match tommorow
  14. cozzi

    Who do you think will win the Champions League 07/08?

    FFS everywhere i look its have a shot at the English - can one of the managers edit this shit out!!! Hopefully we will win it again (waited long enough) but i dont know if our squad is strong enough compared with some of the others
  15. cozzi

    Inter - Fenerbahce (27 Nov 07)

    God please let us beat the turks - especially after what happened over there
  16. cozzi

    Euro 2008 qualifying

    No way is it racisism buddy - its common sense!!!! I only want the best teams to take part in the Euros and WC, not duds like Austria. If we had only France, Spain, England and possibly Italy and Portugal the tournaments would be way better. Shaz you are a joke. When your country ever does...
  17. cozzi

    Euro 2008 qualifying

    Well Witman as you must understand i am absolutely furious about this major problem. How in the name of God can Austria and Switzerland be allowed to host this tournament??? I'm all for equality and all the other stuff but countries like these must NEVER be allowed to host a major football...
  18. cozzi

    Euro 2008 qualifying

    Again there is not one England fan here which amazes me - i still have no idea why my country is hated by everyone else I need to say well done to Croatia they were brilliant last night. Some of there quick attacking football reminds me of Arsenal, and Slavan Bilic will go a very long way in...
  19. cozzi

    Euro 2008 qualifying

    Thank God for Isreal for saving our lives now we will be at Euro 2008 (although the competion is still a complete farse and i will not be taking it seriously). And to the people taking the piss out of Crouchy and Heskey (especially you Shaz) it is a fact that Crouch is one of the most prolific...
  20. cozzi

    Should Inter support the idea of a European League?

    European league would be brilliant. Not just one league but maybe 2 or 3 divisions. Serie A is not the same anymore - i dont even know why. I dont think it will ever happen thought