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  1. interistka

    Forum hacked??

    haha, there are funny people. I like this forum. :)
  2. interistka

    New member

    No Rooney. My name isn't Monika. Why it should be?
  3. interistka

    Forza Inter Squad Numbers

    Can I have Materazzi's number 23? :)
  4. interistka

    Luis "Paso Doble" Figo

    I love Luis. :) He is great. I took a picture when Inter played against Artmedia in my city. :) He waved at us few seconds after. :)
  5. interistka

    MSN Messenger You can add me. :)
  6. interistka

    New member

    Ahoj Michal :) Thanks for welcomes. :)
  7. interistka

    Marco "Matrix" Materazzi

    Marco is our best player. I like him very much especially after germany world cup final. :)
  8. interistka

    New member

    Hello, I just found this website and it looks great. I am a girl from Bratislava (Slovakia capital). I like Marco Materazzi and all our players. Hope we will win Scudetto and Champions League this season. Happy New Year to all of you. :)