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  1. Thug_Paco

    Erik Lamela

    Nobody is comparing. I am just stating that it could happen. Dont act like it is impossible.
  2. Thug_Paco

    Erik Lamela

    People who doubt that Tottenham will sell/loan Lamela, should think about the way we dealt with Quaresma. RQ came in like the big summer signing (25+ million) and nobody expected us loaning him out after just 4 months, but it happened. Same thing with Lamela, it could happen. His agent is in...
  3. Thug_Paco

    Massimo Moratti

    Seeing Moratti and Thohir together in the pictures hurts me alot. When I used to see Moratti, I would always think; look at the main boss. He still is for me. Grande Moratti!
  4. Thug_Paco

    Erick Thohir

    Motherfucker looks like the joker, laughing all the time. Lets hope he is not evil like him.
  5. Thug_Paco

    Ricardo Alvarez

    Great, class player.
  6. Thug_Paco

    Ishak Belfodil

    Promising player, has the skills. WM should play him as a centre-forward, and not on the wings. Use him like Ibra, and who knows.
  7. Thug_Paco

    Wesley Sneijder

    Tell ur mother to eat my shalalal, its there to be eaten right? Bring her here.
  8. Thug_Paco

    Javier "Il Capitano" Zanetti

    Just for that indian curry b*tch who called Zanetti bad names. I am gonna f*ck your mother very hard, if u ever say anything negative about our Javier again!!! FORZA CAPITANO!! Edit: Great game!! He f*cked those English c*nts like they should be f*cked.
  9. Thug_Paco

    Amantino Mancini

    Mourinho is a real fool for letting Quaresma go and Mancini stay, incredible! Mancini has had 1 whole year at Inter while Ricky only got 4 months. Discrimination at its best, probably some intense relationship between Jose and Mancini, seeing as Mancini has been 5 times worse than RQ.
  10. Thug_Paco

    Ricardo Quaresma

    Mancini is staying, so Quaresma is gone. Hurts to be honest!
  11. Thug_Paco

    Inter - Panathinaikos (26 Nov 08)

    Incredible, I cant believe this shit. After a couple of days full of personal problems i thought this match would let me forget them for a while, instead it worsens my headaches. I just cant believe how shit Maicon was, I knew it would happen. Just after being praised as the worlds best RB in...
  12. Thug_Paco

    Inter - Juventus (22 Nov 08)

    Look at our bench: Toldo, Burdisso, Vieira, Quaresma, Figo, Crespo, Cruz Oh lala! Not even a place for Mancini or Obinna. Lets beat the fack out of those pussies! FORZA INTER!!
  13. Thug_Paco

    Inter - Juventus (22 Nov 08)

    We have lost in our last 2 home games against these pieces of scum. In 05/06 after a great Nedved dive was awarded with a freekick. We lost 1-2 with Recoba hitting the post and Burdisso heading wide despite a open goal in front of him. Last season we also lost 1-2 after a Camoranesi offside...
  14. Thug_Paco

    Anorthosis - Inter (4 Nov 08)

    Stop putting the likes of Crespo, Samuel, Dacourt, Obinna in ur line-ups. All 4 of them have not been registered. As for the Adri exclusion and the inclusion of a primavera striker, i really do think Jose is overexaggerating now!
  15. Thug_Paco

    Inter - Genoa (26 Oct 08)

    - there goes our record of 60 consecutive games in wich we scored at Guiseppe Meazza. - every cross of ours went in rubinho's hands - Obinna shows again why he is a promising player - we may have lost Muntari for a long period. wich is as big of a blow as today's draw - Ibra can be a selfish...
  16. Thug_Paco

    Inter - Anorthosis (22 Oct 08)

    Do i dare? do i dare? yes i dare I call Adri; L'Imperatore! Nothin special in this game, we created big chances but our finishing wasnt as good as against roma. the only thing that made me enjoy the game was Adri's performance. I say you the Emperor is almost there! His passing, his ball...
  17. Thug_Paco

    Champions League 2008/2009 Group stage

    Call me a sick fack or whatever u want. but man did i enjoy seein a semi strength juve win today against the spanish champions. showin again that our Serie A is back at the top. Juve were so emotionally attached to todays game and it showed. Hats off to players like del piero (wonder goal)...
  18. Thug_Paco

    Goal Scorers and Assist-Men

    Where is the Cordoba assist? he gave that great long pass to Ibra!
  19. Thug_Paco

    Victor Nsofor Obinna

    I ask you, where is the Obinna avatar?
  20. Thug_Paco

    Roma - Inter (19 Oct 08)

    Just got 1 thing to say to those roma putanas, Come and suck some black and blue cock bitches. U will never ever be able to compete with us. Grazie Ibra, Obinna, Deki (I already saw improvements in the bologna game and today he confirmed that he is on the right path). All 4 goals were...