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  1. Enricos

    Barcelona - Inter (24 Oct 18) [2-0]

    Weird strategy right there... Are we actually going to beat them 2-3 with an Icardi hattrick?! :notbad:
  2. Enricos

    Barcelona - Inter (24 Oct 18) [2-0]

    Little did Barca realise, they were about to fall in Inter's perfect "beat-them-1-to-2-in-the-final-5-mins" plan... :troll:
  3. Enricos

    Inter - Torino (3 Apr 16) [1-2]

    Remind me... Do we every have any dangerous corners? I always fail to understand how we waste corner after corner... Unbelievable!
  4. Enricos

    The bullshit thread

    Hi guys, I'm still lurking around on Forza Inter Forums! I'm definitely fine, though the past few days have been quite chaotic (I work in Brussels). Thanks for checking in!
  5. Enricos

    José "The Special One" Mourinho

    Apparently Real fired Valdano, Jose might be getting some more power now...
  6. Enricos

    Napoli - Inter (15 May 11)

    We should win this one and the last Serie A game as well. Would rock to be on equal terms with BBilan :)
  7. Enricos

    2010/2011 Midfielders rumors thread

    After he won "Young player of the Year" two years in succession, Hazard has now been included in a short-list of 4 for Player of the Year in France (he's considered the favorite)...
  8. Enricos

    2010/2011 Midfielders rumors thread

    I think in terms of playing style he's a lot like Cristiano Ronaldo (not saying he's that good :p, although I do feel he has lots of potential): Good dribbler, strong shot, lots of guts,... I posted a nice vid of him in the Midfield Transfers thread, which illustrates how he looks like CR :)...
  9. Enricos

    Inter - Fiorentina (8 May 11)

    Now for a Coutinho hattrick and my sunday is good :)
  10. Enricos

    Inter - Fiorentina (8 May 11)

    Nice one Cambi :)
  11. Enricos

    Inter - Fiorentina (8 May 11)

    Pazzo... You madman :)
  12. Enricos

    Inter - Fiorentina (8 May 11)

    Lol Pazzini you're such a striker... Just give the ball to Coutinho so he can have a go (he was unmarked)
  13. Enricos

    2010/2011 Midfielders rumors thread

    Think some of you guys already mentioned Witsel as well (I'll be damned, but Belgium really has some promising attacking mids these days :p...) He's good: young (22), strong on the ball, has vision combined with a good pass and has a very good shot as well. He also already won the award for...
  14. Enricos

    Giampaolo "Il Pazzo" Pazzini

    Moved it to Tevez thread, Jet, please keep posts on topic :)
  15. Enricos

    Giampaolo "Il Pazzo" Pazzini

    Think I agree with a lot of posters in this thread... Considering Pazzini's talent (and he's not too old either), we should invest in the midfield (addition of Robben would be great in that perspective) and keep him as the real box striker he is. Pazzini is our perfect striker if we can stop...
  16. Enricos

    Carlos Alberto Tévez

    Do we have a good source on Tevez 7m salary btw (or is that just an estimate you guys are using)?
  17. Enricos

    Cesena - Inter (30 Apr 11)

    Glad we at least postponed Milan's party for one more week :) On a serious note, Leo needs to GTFO he's so unbelievably inept at tactics...
  18. Enricos

    2010/2011 Midfielders rumors thread

    Just heard that Zidane recommended Eden Hazard (Lille, AMF, 20 yo) to Juve. To be honest, I find it very strange that none of the big clubs are seriously hunting for him yet... He's a pure attacking MF with a very good technique and good shot, a bit Cristiano Ronaldo-style, but obviously not...
  19. Enricos

    Milan - Inter (2 Apr 11)

    Muh, if Milito does not start (which is very likely), I'd be more tempted to give Cou a shot at first-team action... Not saying he will make THE difference, but it'll give him something to dream about (line-up in the derby) and I'm convinced he can contribute more than Pandev.
  20. Enricos

    Bayern Munich - Inter (15 Mar 11)

    Pandev... What the hell :)