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  1. Harpsabu

    Fiorentina - Inter (24 May 23) [ Coppa Italia Final ] [1-2]

    This is why lukaku needs to start vs city. Fiorintina are not afraid to leave defenders 1v1 because they aren't afraid of our speed. Would be different if it was lukaku
  2. Harpsabu

    Fiorentina - Inter (24 May 23) [ Coppa Italia Final ] [1-2]

    Biraghi going to score the decisive goal
  3. Harpsabu

    Inter's Financial Situation

    If antonelli or whatever it is cant secure an amazing commercial deal with the benefit of advertising in a champions league final he needs sacked. As adriano said company's pay millions just for an advert at these fucking things
  4. Harpsabu

    The bullshit thread

    I don't follow anyone prem or Newcastle related so it's weird. I don't interact much in terms of likes or replies, in fact never. I sometimes click into tweets to see replies etc but it's never Newcastle related Most of my for you page is football and inter related, but they keep pushing...
  5. Harpsabu

    The bullshit thread

    Anyone in twitter? The new for you page on there is pushing loads and loads of fucking Newcastle content at me. I keep having to block and remove them etc but they keep doing it. Definitely been money paid there by Newcastles Saudis to push Newcastle to people interested in football, I have no...
  6. Harpsabu

    Manchester City - Inter (10 June 23)

    Man city have only won ONE GAME away from home this season in the champions league. When arguably our best performances have come away from home. Benfica, Barcelona, milan. All the pressure and expectation is on them. Let's hope and pray
  7. Harpsabu

    UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

    We are fucked lll
  8. Harpsabu

    UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

    As long as city don't batter is in the final I'm happy. Keep it to less than 2 goals. Modric been horrible
  9. Harpsabu

    Napoli - Inter (21 May 23) [3-1]

    I just can't care about this game at all right now. I'm sure the players and staff are the same.
  10. Harpsabu

    Milan Škriniar

    I'd love a penny for his thoughts. Hakimi and perisic back last night desperate to return. Champions league final with darmian playing better than skriniar has all season in his position. Psg in complete disarray. Messi and neymar on their way out Also, maybe he never did follow him, but...
  11. Harpsabu

    Lautaro Martinez

    Thank fuck Roma took action otherwise we'd be advertising those crooks in a CL final
  12. Harpsabu

    Antonio Conte

    How badly you performed in Europe!
  13. Harpsabu

    Simone Inzaghi

    Hahaha, this pic of him from lautaros goal
  14. Harpsabu

    UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

    Even a juventino defending us. Going to be some bad bad takes next few weeks. If we could upset the odds I'm going on a twitter rampage
  15. Harpsabu

    Inter - Milan (16 May 23) [ UCL Semifinal G2 ] [1-0]

    I seen even milan fans saying that inter and inter fans are being super respectful about the win. We're just a classier club. Those shit heads, imagine the shit we would hear from them and their players had they gone through.
  16. Harpsabu

    New Stadium

    James Horncastle last night said in two years San siro becomes a listed building, so they basically can't touch it after that. Meaning renovations at a minimum etc apparently.
  17. Harpsabu

    Inter - Milan (16 May 23) [ UCL Semifinal G2 ] [1-0]

    Nice! I have the same Jersey. In 2010 when I got it, it went through the wash once and the numbers almost came off, so doesn't look as nice as this. I'm basically afraid to wear it and wash it. Might look into getting it framed.
  18. Harpsabu

    Massimo Moratti

    Zhang probably tried to charge him about 350m for that cake Nice gesture though, MM deserves it
  19. Harpsabu

    Simone Inzaghi

    He said earlier this year his biggest regret last season was sanchezs red card against Liverpool, or something to that effect. You beast limone. Well done. Thankfully zhang said tonight that he will be our manager next season. Give him more more options and let him cook